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  1. LanCo Rider

    Should i sell my bike?

    You can save a whole lot by doing it yourself. Just look up the cost of the parts and you have your final estimate! Unless you charge yourself labor.
  2. LanCo Rider

    Neck Brace and Reed's Crash?

    ... That's because you were lucky. I am an EMT, and see crashes quite often and can tell you first hand that seat belts save lives.
  3. LanCo Rider

    motorcyclist in helmet PROTEST ride dies

    This is one of the best things I've read on this topic.
  4. LanCo Rider

    motorcyclist in helmet PROTEST ride dies

    "I don't wear a helmet because some law says I have to. I wear a helmet because I understand basic physics."
  5. LanCo Rider

    motorcyclist in helmet PROTEST ride dies

    America, **** yea!!
  6. Real good thing the kid didn't get hurt any worse. What a messed up justice system we have. we protect the criminals. BUt since the kid was fine... That couldn't have gone any better! Hell yea!
  7. LanCo Rider

    Treverton Pa.

    I would love to meet up with someone who knows the trails well. I prefer trail riding over hill climbs anyhow. I can keep up pretty well, I just don't know the area well. If anyone is down to meet up sometime please let me know!
  8. LanCo Rider

    Treverton Pa.

    This is my room mate getting owned jumping down the "widowmaker" at Trevorton. Fast forward to about 10 seconds before the end of the video. He ate it hard. Managed to get a nice ride a helicopter to the hospital.
  9. LanCo Rider

    How fast a trail ride can go to hell...

    Daammnnnn! That would suck! Looks like somebody is riding bitch back to home base!
  10. LanCo Rider

    dad thinks i need a neck brace...

    One little C4/C5 vertebrae tweak and it is game over for the rest of your life. A neck brace is absolutely on my list of things to get asap.
  11. LanCo Rider

    Good Gloves/ Prevent Broken Fingers

    I wouldn't recommend a full street leather glove on a dirt bike. Your hands move around a lot more violently on the dirt compared to street. Once you start sweating in these, I can imagine it getting pretty uncomfortable and possibly even painful due to sweaty skin rubbing against leather.
  12. LanCo Rider


    That is why I love my CBR and CRF equally. I can't hit the track or trails every day, but I can take the CBR out for a cruise if I'm feeling the two wheel fever!
  13. LanCo Rider

    2007 CRF250R skid plate

    I like the looks of the Flatland Racing plate! I might have to pick that up. This next paycheck is gonna get hit pretty hard with dirt bike parts =/ Thanks for the info!
  14. LanCo Rider

    2007 CRF250R skid plate

    Went to Trevorton for some trail riding yesterday and got a small hole in my case in the first 30 minutes of riding! I assume a flying rock was the culprit. It went through my plastic case guard and put a small hole right behind it in the case! Thankfully one of my friends had some high-temp RTV sealant with him so we were able to seal up the hole and ride the rest of the day. I definitely do not want this to happen again, so I am looking around for a pretty burly skid plate. I found an Ascerbis for a decent price, but it's plastic and I doubt it offers and kind of great protection. I want one that will stick out from the sides and also cover the front of my water pump housing and case on the other side rather than just the center between the frame. Does anyone have a good suggestion for me? I don't want to spend a fortune, but I definitely need some good protection there. Thanks in advance!
  15. LanCo Rider

    Any interest in a "riding game"?

    There's plenty around here... But wait I can't play! LOL