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  1. Wow, Osborne railing that corner...[emoji12]
  2. firehunter

    NEWS FLASH! JS7 Crashes!

    Even the commentators were not surprised when they have to report "Stewart is down again". Sad really, and agreed...walk away while you still can James.
  3. firehunter

    2016 Toronto Bench Racing

    Looks like a "big" arenacross track, no flow to it. Nice ride for J Mart though...
  4. firehunter

    Favorite outdoor national

    Washougal. Great fun to ride but kicks my butt after just a few laps!
  5. firehunter

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    ^^^^ Invalid or already used. Anyone else? Recip code is no problem.
  6. firehunter

    Flywheel weight advice please

    Yep, I have a 13oz on my '02 and ride 50/50 motocross tracks and single track. Works both places. Does NOT help on a supercross style track but I am old and done with those.
  7. firehunter

    Am I expecting too much? 2002 KX250

    If you ride mostly trails then of course a pupose built trail bike is going to perform better than a purpose built MX bike. Compare that WR to the KX on a SX/MX track and see which you prefer! There is no replacement for displacement. I went to a 265cc but there are larger options out there. Most riders have a hard time utilizing the full potential of a 250 2t but there is always room for more performance when needed. Completely agree! Again, agreed. My '02 has plenty of performance and I am coming off a YZ450 that I rode for close to 8 years. I switched back to this 2t primarily because of lighter weight, quicker handling, and I can ride longer before getting fatigued - NOT because it had more performance. After the last complete top-end (with new reeds as well) this bike will idle for an hour if I asked it too. In different posts you mention stalling and chasing the back end around which suggest a FWW might be worth trying in your situation. I have one and use it depending on the track size and conditions. I have the shorty silencer and love it. No doubt that Q silencer is robbing some power in exchange for a quieter exhaust note and a spark arrestor. $.02
  8. firehunter

    265 bore? (2-stroke)

    http://www.goforwardmotion.com/index.php The kits are listed and the "Tech Self-help" section has a ton of information in it.
  9. firehunter

    265 bore? (2-stroke)

    I had Eric Gorr build my 265 after it seized (entirely my fault) and had him match the porting at the same time. If you read his tech articles he very highly recommends altering the ports if you go to any size larger than stock. What made me finally choose the 265 over the 295 was Eric saying that the piston for the 265 is a stock part number through Wiseco so I can order it through any retailer and the 295 piston was a special order. For the same $$ as reparing/replating my cylinder to stock specs I was able to turn it into a 265 with matched ports. Win-win in my book and yes, I am completely happy with the final product after ~20 hrs on the build. $.02
  10. firehunter

    Any Alessi fans out there?

    I cannot believe the AMA didn't park him for the rest of the evening. Dick move with a capital D, Alessi.
  11. Ummmm, got that backwards me thinks...
  12. firehunter

    Kx250 high reving when started

    I use the kill button to keep the RPM's in check until it settles on a steady RPM, then turn the choke off. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me to listen to one of these 2T's cold rev to the moon!
  13. firehunter

    Boysen power reeds help!

    You remember correctly. Mine came with instructions and the metal strips so I used them. The stock reed limiters are sitting in a drawer.
  14. firehunter

    2002 Kawasaki KX 250 jetting w/pipe..?

    Glad you got it figured out. A crisp and clean running 2t is a thing of beauty!
  15. firehunter

    2002 KX 250 possible rebuild

    Forks and triple clamps are different. 99 = 46mm and 2002 = 48mm.