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    Rev-Loc Failures?

    I have raced with my RevLoc four times and have had no problems. By the way, when I first got the clutch I loc tighted the screws before using it.
  2. T_Martin

    Scott Harden- How to contact?

    AA PRO: I think the 520 is ideal for So Cal. desert. I can't speak for the 250 SX because I have not ridden one. Paul Krause (District 37 # 1 plate for 5 years) told me that he can ride his 520 faster than his 380 in the desert. Now, what is Scott Harden's phone number? Come on, someone knows it.
  3. Hi Folks: I would like to get in touch with Scott Harden to see if KTM is interested in a desert rider to garner a number 1 plate. Mikey Childress of District 37 has the talent to not only get the #1 plate in District 37 desert racing, but also in the national hare and hound series. He is currently on a Honda 650. Put that kid on a 520 KTM SX with a 6 speed and he would be unbeatable. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Scott? If KTM doesn't grab this kid up soon, someone else will. Please e-mail me at mrtn-phd@ridgenet.net
  4. T_Martin

    Another rev-loc question

    Jeb: I am considering adding a lever to the left side so I can have both the clutch lever and a rear brake lever on that side. I have developed a habit of using the clutch when shifting from the Hodaka days. I am finding it a difficult habit to break, so I am not sure I want to remove the clutch lever yet. ScottyR: I spoke with the fellow at Rev-loc four times before buying mine. I suspect they are becoming overwhelmed with demand. They told me that Harley has visited several times working out a deal to begin putting them in their bikes. KTM (no surprise here) has also been looking into it and speaking with Rev-loc. Eventually Rev-loc will probably only sell to distributors. Keep trying, I am sure, you will eventually get through.
  5. T_Martin

    Another rev-loc question

    Texas Thumper: Yes, you are mistaken. If the clutch is engaged, just pull the lever to disengage it. If it is not engaged and you pull the lever, the lever is very tight because the clutch is already disengaged. You can't "double" disengage it. [ April 18, 2002: Message edited by: T Martin ]
  6. T_Martin

    First race with a Rev-Loc

    Steve: We have dead engine starts where I race in District 37. I just put it in second, hit the button, and when the engine starts, I gas it. By the way, what kind of events do you race in Florida?
  7. T_Martin

    Another rev-loc question

    If you push the bike forward with it in gear it will freewheel. You can not "bump start" without the "bump start override" which is available from Rev-Loc. I do not understand nor do I agree with the DR comment about "mellow." The clutch has had no noticeable affect on the performance (power) of the bike. It does NOT feel like the bike has a heavier flywheel with the Rev-loc clutch.
  8. I am an expert desert racer, age 49, and raced a desert race in California this past Sunday. Yes, I still like it and can't imagine going back to the traditional clutch. Although it is very hard to stall your bike with the clutch, I did stall it once. I don't remember how I did it, but it did stall. It is definitely an advantage in two areas: First; going up a very tough rocky hill where you know that if you back off enough to downshift you will lose too much momentum to keep going. You can't expect to climb a hill like this in third gear though. I tried and it didn't work. Second; and this part is taking some getting used to, is being able to hit the rear brake hard and fast enough to stall the bike and the bike doesn't stall. You just gas it and keep going or drop a gear and then gas it. Once I master this, I think it will be a significant advantage.
  9. T_Martin

    3 days with a Rev-Loc

    Bought it from rev-loc for $1,000.00. Well worth it.
  10. T_Martin

    3 days with a Rev-Loc

    I also got one and love it. It is kind of like the Internet. Before you got it, you said why would I want it. Now that you have it, you say "I wouldn't want to be without it."
  11. The SX rider using it is Dowd on a 125. Lats year he rode a 520. I agree that it is a bit pricey and not necessary. But, now that I have one, I will never go back. Take care,
  12. T_Martin


    The site moderators thought I was advertising because I included the Rev-Loc phone number and posted to several areas of the site so they took it off. I told them that they made a mistake, I am just a happy customer who is spreading the word, and they allowed me to post again. See topic "Pro riders have been keeping a secret"
  13. After installing my Rev-Loc clutch last week I took the opportunity to call the mfgr. to tell them what I thought of it. During that conversation, I heard some very familiar names of professional supercross and desert racers who have been using the clutch for some time. I guess by keeping quiet, they are trying to maintain the advantage the clutch provides. Well, guess what guys, the cat is out of the bag. In fact, it sounds like it will come stock in future KTMs. I have had the clutch for less than a week now, and believe it to be biggest advance in dirt bikes since the steering stabilizer. So, all you pros who have been keeping quiet on this, the advantage the clutch has been providing you will be going away soon. For more info, see www.revloc.com No, I am not their salesman, just a thrilled customer who is spreading the word.
  14. Hi Folks: I have been hearing (reading) quite a lot about the added maintenance needed on KTM compared to other bikes. I say hogwash! Lets take a Honda XR 400 compared to a 520 KTM. Motorwise they are both 4 strokes that use the same oil for the piston, clutch and tranny. Oil should be changed often on both because you can not ask for a harsher environment for oil (tranny, clutch and piston). Just because KTM advises frequent oil changes does not mean the same should not be done for the XR. Further, it is no more difficult to adjust the valves on the KTM than the XR. Both should be done with the same frequency. Other than motor, there is not much difference in the bikes regarding maintenance. They both have chains that need periodic adjusting, both have spokes that need to be checked for tightness, and all of the nuts and bolts on both machines need to be checked and locktighted. The only difference between the two regarding maintenance is the far superior oil screens and filters on the KTM. It takes a bit (five minutes) more time to replace all four on the KTM. If you are lazy like me, just replace the oil more often and replace the filters and clean the screens periodically. Just because KTM recommends more often oil changes and valve adjustments, does not mean that other 4 strokes should not have it done as frequently. They should.