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  1. Well, I'm mortified... I've been riding for years. This summer I have ridden the least... bought a house, started a farm, etc... This is also the most I went trail riding for three(ish) hours yesterday and my upper back is so sore I feel like an out-of-shape 62 year old... (I'm 26.) Has anyone experienced this? What the hell did I do wrong? Where did my posture go?
  2. AliGee

    Snow bikes

    A 250 2t is a 450... [emoji851] To the OP, a 250 smoker is enough power to move a short track Yeti or Timber just fine, so long as the carb is adjusted for altitude. However, the lack of a low end is going to be annoying for mountain climbing. You're going to get a lot of unnecessary track spin which will cause engine heating. Get a fly wheel weight and adjust the sprockets for more low end torque.
  3. AliGee

    CRF100 Clutch

    Bought my girlfriend a 2009 CRF100F. Got it from our friends who were the first owners and it was BARELY ridden. They also didn't do any adjustments to it whatsoever. The clutch lever is dialed in, but the clutch won't disengage all the way when the lever is pulled in. What am I missing here?
  4. AliGee

    ATV Snowblower?

    Thanks guys. Home owner ended up selling it to us for $3,500. It's a 2004 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 with the 2011 54" Pro Snowblower package. We got a steal.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a life-long motorcycle enthusiast living in Breckenridge, CO. We're purchasing a home with a huge asphalt driveway and have the option to buy this rig after the contract is done. Per the owners request he doesn't want it included in the price of the home. I didn't know during the first showing or I would have gotten a better picture. What's your experience with ATV snow blowers? Should we just buy a push behind instead? We wouldn't mind having an ATV for the in-laws or friends to ride around our dirtroads. But, I want to make sure the reason we're buying it is useful. Any experience or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. AliGee

    250f vs 450f

    I feel like the "Which Bike Should I Buy" thread is for inexperienced riders. If you've been riding that long, no ones going to know better than you...
  7. AliGee

    Which 65 for my wife?

    65 is going to be worse... Max weight for a 65 has to be 75-80lbs... The fact of the matter is, she needs to get comfortable on a bigger bike. I'm 2" taller and 10lbs heavier (female) and ride a yz450f with only a shaved seat. Yeah it sucks that I have to lean the bike to touch... But you never should have to put your feet down unless you stop. She needs to let the motor do the work and learn balance and clutch work... A 65 is not meant for trails even for a kid... It's a Moto bike. Get her on a 4 wheeler?
  8. AliGee

    2010 yz450 clutch problems

    Hey OP, I am having the EXACT same problem with my 2010 yz450f... Was it the clutch basket that was the issue?
  9. AliGee

    Need experienced advice

    I ride up in the rocky mountains and also wanted a dual sport that was more of an offroad performer, or in otherwords, the best of all worlds. I tried several of the dual sport models (DR, RMX, KLR) usually a little older, and went right back to a YZ450F. I felt the other dual sports were just way too much, in every aspect but power. Wide, heavy, clunky, bulky, easy to break - they just didn't make sense. I see them being great for a farmer who rides on his flat land and needs to use the road to get back quicker. I also missed the gearing of an MX bike with the extremely steep, rocky, high altitude terrain I ride, but that is obviously personal preference. That being said, a lot of the newer models (DR, KLR, RMX) are getting better with the bulky/clunky problem. All you see where I live are KTMs and the Yamaha WRs for the dual sports, which are way out of my budget. They have the road essentials while still keeping it a compact ride. Also, the only dual sports that are capable of riding an MX track or hitting jumps without looking a fool are the KTMs and the WR. The suspension on the DR, KLR and RMX are not made for that type of riding, and as a big guy, you might find the suspension on those frustratingly soft. Besides the fact that I can't make my 2010 YZ450 street legal, it's pretty perfect for out here. I have a large group of friends and we are all on new 450Fs. With the fuel injection, you can map your bike for the conditions, regardless of gearing. I have a woods specific map, track specific map, you name it. I will never go back to a carbed bike.
  10. I'm 5'5" and can stand on one toe with no shaved seat or two toes with a shaved seat. It honestly depends more on the length of your legs than your overall height. Either way, there have been pros shorter than us. Just shave the seat and get the suspension dialed right, it makes a huge difference.
  11. I personally can't stand hand guards. They get caught on a lot and get in the way of a lot, on and off the bike. Depending on their size and your height, they take away a small spot of vision that can mess you up more than you realize until you have them. I shattered my arm/hand because it got caught inbetween when I went over my handlebars. I've also dropped my bike on things before, had the level bend anyway, and have the stupid guard get stuck on whatever I dropped it on. I have the ASV C5 unbreakable lever system on one bike, and the Sunline unbreakable lever system on another. The ASV system only goes backwards, but this is sufficed by a rotator clamp and keeping the clamps not so tight if it gets hit from a different direction. The Sunline system folds all directions which is awesome, but can be difficult to get back in place if you fall and get it stuffed with dirt, etc. I'm absolutely sold on the unbreakable lever systems for non-protective aspects of riding. Both companies have fantastic warantees (ASV having a 5 year warranty) for broken levers. It really is personal preference, neither are perfect.
  12. AliGee

    Future sound of motocross?

    Wow... I have seen the limited KTM Freeride in pictures, never saw it ridden though. I'm so intrigued and so unsure. I would like to see some videos from the spectators position, I'd also like to read what riders thought of the ride. Along with no noise, it probably wouldn't be affected by altitude like carbs were. We all know batteries die in cold weather though, so how does it do then? I wonder what the horsepower ratio is? Does it feel like a 2t or a 4t? It just sounds so different from what you see... I'm quite perplexed, but would definitely love to try one out...
  13. AliGee

    Black Frames Trending?

    Yeah, and no one else was doing it besides KTM 6 years ago. We are seeing MORE brands/teams/riders doing it today... aka "trending".
  14. I feel like I'm seeing more and more powerdercoated frames. SEXY! What do you guys think? Pics of yours?