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  1. wielywilly-g

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    Are you by chance on any pain killers for your surgery?
  2. wielywilly-g

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Cooper finish behind the 3 star rookies and Malcome Stewart.
  3. wielywilly-g

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    I am guessing Tomac, Musquin, Anderson, Roczen, and Barcia. Ozborne will be quite the wild card. I may re-evaluate after watching the rookies in A1.
  4. wielywilly-g

    Can Dirt Bikes & ATV Co-Exist?

    Because of the effort it takes to ride 2 wheels over just sitting on a 4 wheeler, I think there develops a split in mentality between the average dirt biker and avg qwad rider. At lest the ones I know. I know many dirt bikes and almost none are a-holes. I know a handful of qwad riders and almost all are jerks. I am talking no helmet, beer in one hand, radio blasting, wench on front, heading for a mud hole to try and see how deep they can wallow it out. I ride two places where dirt bikes and qwads share, but cringe when I pull into the parking lot and see a bunch of qwad trailers and beer coolers sitting around. I try to only ride where they are not.
  5. wielywilly-g


    I could see rider of the year, but he has specialized in the Gand Prix sand tracks. Red Bud even modified their track with 500 semi loads of sand for the MxON Grad Prix and boy did those two Neitherland boys do good! I was very impressed with Glenn Coldenhoff. All around rider would have to be Tomac for his talents in both SX and MX. It would be nice to see some Grand Prix sand guys try some SX to see if they shine as well indoors
  6. wielywilly-g

    Xr650l for 300lbs rider. Suspension worries?

    Sorry, I was posting on something talked about 40 pages ago so when I noticed I was so far behind I deleted it. Glad you got the suspension sorted!
  7. wielywilly-g

    Struggling with gears changes wearing boots

    It is not just as a beginner that this struggle exists! For me every time I retire a pair and get new ones I go through it all again. For the first couple hours I am like a duck out of water until the shifts and rear braking become instinct again.. I am on SG-12s now and I haven't retired any of them yet. They might transition well old to new.
  8. wielywilly-g

    Best tires for the snow

    You have to have DOT tires to be legal here, but I run used MX knobbies from my dirt bike on the rear of my dual sport. Even the two times I got tickets for "operation of a motor vehicle on one wheel" they didn't notice the illegal tire. A few years ago the wheelie ticket penalties went way up(just about the same bracket as armed robbery now), so I have tried to be better about keeping the front end down when leaving stop lights..
  9. wielywilly-g

    Best tires for the snow

    A cheap quick stud job with sheet metal screws.
  10. wielywilly-g

    Best tires for the snow

    Reguardless of legallity, I would put studs on. If a cop sees you riding ice and snow roads on a motorcycle, he will probably just think you are lucky to be upright., not that your damageg the poor roads If everyone who rides plated dirt bikes on roads in the dead of winter in Minnasota(all 3 of you) used studs, the amount of road damage would be zero. How much is a tire violation ticket anyway, $50?
  11. wielywilly-g

    Electrical issues !!!

    No horn button on mine. Also, there is no key switch. Power is always going to the e-start button(through the clutch safety switch on OEM bikes). Did someone make a dual sport out of yours? I would strip it down to dirt only mode and buy used ebay parts if something is missing.
  12. I would estimate $100 per ride, but I have a feeling if I go back and add up all the RMATV, OEM, aftermarket, and ebay orders and divide by number of rides, it comes out to be much more. Total spent on my dirt bikes I still ride 25,500. Crap, Now I am thinking more like $400 a ride. Pretty sweet hobby!!
  13. What make model and year?