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  1. mxr64k

    TTR125 carbs

    I have an 02 TTR125L that I'd like to get straightened out. It has a yz80 (i believe) carb on it and it has a bit of hesitation when twisting the throttle. If you twist fast enough it will die for a second then fire back up. I know it's because it's a two-stroker carb on a fourstroker. My wife has learned to deal with it but it still gives problems here and there. I'd like to swap it out for a proper carb.. but which one? What is the hot setup if you were to swap out carbs? I heard something about XR200 carbs... Thanks! Todd.
  2. mxr64k

    Stock footpeg needed

    I also need a rightside peg.... anyone?
  3. mxr64k

    XR650L supermoto rims

    I'm looking for some for my 02 CRF450 also... I have the dirt setup that I would like to trade. Anyone? anyone? Todd. 64k
  4. mxr64k

    Xr650r 18" rear rim replacement

    I have a complete set from my CRF450.. they should fit no problem. Todd. 64k
  5. mxr64k

    Internal Kick Start Stop Plate

    I had that small plate break in half on my 02 also. 6 months after I got it, new. In the middle of a race at Glen Helen, coming down one of the down hills... locked that bad boy up solid. Had to replace everything inside except crank side parts. Honda took care of it, so I think it was a manufacturer defect. Push your honda dealer!!! Todd. 64k
  6. mxr64k

    02 crf 450 swingarm and linkage

    I have a used linkage and swingarm from an 04 CRF250r. They may fit.
  7. mxr64k

    2001 CR 125 Rear Shock

    I have a shock from an 04 CRF250r. It may fit. Todd. 64k.
  8. mxr64k

    Replacement tank??

    Check ebay! they have some... i just sold mine on there. still have suspension and some other parts tho, if you are looking for other stuff. Todd. 64k
  9. mxr64k

    crf250 rear hub same as 99cr125/250??

    Check your pm... i have one, boxed and ready to ship. Todd. 64k
  10. mxr64k

    04 R seat fix an 05 X?

    What parts (specifically the seat) will make this transfer? From an 04 R to 05 X? Plastics? Seat? tank? subframe? frame? Wheels? suspension? etc.... Todd. 64k
  11. mxr64k

    sanding shims?

    You really need to get a hotcam shim kit! saves a ton of time and money. Check ebay, i know there is one for sale there. Todd. 64k
  12. mxr64k

    05 carb

    Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=004&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=140095745527&rd=1,1 it's an 04. Todd. 64k
  13. mxr64k

    anyone have a steering stem?

    I have the same... full setup. shoot me a PM. I also have other major pieces if anyone's interested. Todd. 64k
  14. mxr64k

    Looking for a stock CRF 250 header

    I have one from an 04.. I'm parting the bike out if you need anything else.. let me know. Todd.
  15. mxr64k

    Anyone know where to buy the black grip tape?

    Go to a skateboard shop! it's a ton cheaper!!! I used on my 06 but with the Sidi boots it didn't last 4 laps. The plastic on the boots tear thru it quick.
  16. mxr64k

    02 dies once warmed up...

    Yup.. that's what it was. Must be the connecting rod bearing wearing down. But the bike was sold tonight.
  17. I know this has been discussed before but I will beat the horse somemore... A few months ago my 02 died on the 3rd lap of warm up. Almost seemed like it ran out of gas. Would not start again. At the time the valves had been to 0 twice and I thought the valves just went bad. Replaced all valves, guides, springs, new piston and chain tensioner.. just to be sure. Fired it up and ran well (didn't run it long tho) Took it out to the desert to get it run in before I sold it. Noticed that it needed oil in the crank, filled it up. I thought because it was a new filter, after rebuild. Checked tranny side because it was leaking a small bit at the countershaft but didn't have time to replace seal yet, it was full. Rode it for a few minutes and it died EXACTLY like before. Drug it back to camp and promptly begun digging a hole to bury the heap of metal. Friends stopped me from buring it (only AFTER I dug the 5ft deep x 6ft long x 4ft wide hole). So I posted a STEAL ME sign on it but it was still there in the morning. Just for giggles, I tried to start it the next day... it fired up on the first kick!!! Noticed the crank oil level was at low again, after 5 minutes of easy riding. Observations: 1) dies when engine temp reaches a certain point 2) sucking oil from crank to tranny side 3) runs fine, seems like good compression 4) All new valves. Head was inspected and ok by reliable mechanic. Questions: 1) WHAT IS GOING ON? 2) Ebay a good place to part out an 02? 3) Anyone have the funeral march song I can play as I put a bullet thru the head? (the bike's head) Thanks!! Todd. 64k
  18. mxr64k

    02 dies once warmed up...

    I am beginning to part out the 2002 450... It's been a good bike but it's time to go. Talked to the mechanic about the problems listed in this thread it he said it's the conn-rod bearing. $500-$800 to fix. Well.. I don't have the money to fix it so I'm gonna part it out. Before I do.. I wanted to make sure no one here wanted it as a complete bike first. The first $2000 cash takes it. It's a great bike other than the conn-rod bearing. Even after the fixes, you get a great bike for a great price. Check it out in the classifieds! Thanks for all your help in finding the problem, everyone!!! MOTO ON! Todd.
  19. mxr64k

    Quick Re-Starts?

    stay calm and follow the proven method on your bike. I find all bikes have a different method of starting... key is to stay calm.
  20. mxr64k

    Chain Adujusting Bolt

    Yeah.. what noMore said... but be patient... a little at a time. I had this happen on my 02 and it took a while but it came out. Don't rush it or it will break off...
  21. mxr64k

    Question for 2002 crf450 owners

    Isn't it the 10th character that states the year of the bike? The 4th - 8th chars identify the features of the bike...
  22. mxr64k

    need fork tube for CRF450R

    I have a full set of forks for sale... parting out my 02...
  23. I'm parting out my 2002... I'll let you have the lower end at a good price... It does need new crank but cases and everything else is in great condition... Todd. 64k
  24. mxr64k

    Metal shavings during oil change...

    Mine had enuf shavings to short the generator out after running it for a while. Flakes don't do that... shavings do... Be careful! This caused me to break my wrist and another fellow TT'r to break his femur...
  25. mxr64k

    Possibly Why I broke My Femur?

    I didn't break my femur but i broke my wrist in the same scenerio... The bike shorts out because of the acclumation of shavings on the generator... I haven't found the cause of the shavings yet... I haven't split the cases but need to do it soon. Some people think it's the conn-rod bearing slowly shaving away..