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  1. I agree with CamP, 08 crf 450 is the best bike ever made! I revalved my suspension & it's a machine.
  2. honda127

    03 cr 125 jetting?

    bought an 03 cr 125 this past winter, went through the entire thing...i've took it out in the woods a few times this week. It has a low end bog but once the rpms are up and hits mid range she rips? I've been reading on here that alot of ppl switch to the keihin 38mm carbs but i wanna try and jet my mikuni before i do that bc i'm on a budget with this bike. I live in mass. 1400 ft elevation, 380 main jet? If anybody could suggest where to start, that'd be great.
  3. honda127

    CR125 Rebuild (Part 1 of __)

    southwick is all deep sand and gets really rough...so your 125 there prob wouldn't be to fun for you. I'd try crowhill there open tues, thurs, & sat for practice. Crowhillmx.com It's a good prac track you'd love it.
  4. honda127

    Best Motocross tire for your money

    go with one of the michelin's they last forever and hook up nice
  5. honda127

    CR125 Rebuild (Part 1 of __)

    I'll try to get a camera this week and get some pics up. I ride southwick and crowhill mx (baldwinville, ma) both of those tracks are sweet. There not to far from me, I'm over in the berkshires.
  6. honda127

    CR125 Rebuild (Part 1 of __)

    plus it came with a few goodies like your bike...full pro circuit pipe, v force 2 reed valves, and tag bars.
  7. honda127

    CR125 Rebuild (Part 1 of __)

    I wasn't even looking for a bike when i saw this 125 on way to work, bc i have a 08 honda 450 now. But this 125 caught my eye it was real cheap and i knew it needed a bunch of work to get it back. Oil and exhaust splooge all over the place so the guy let it go for almost nothing, needed $. I went through swingarm, linkage, front/rear bearings, chain/sprockets, bored out stock cylinder, wiseco oversized 134cc (56mm) piston, new plastics/graphics, tires, chainguide, shiftlever, brake pads, & polished the frame. All my buddies come over and think it's a new one hahah I'm looking for a 01 cr 250 now.
  8. honda127

    CR125 Rebuild (Part 1 of __)

    Yeah I could imagine! You can't sell that... Did you buy the bike in mass or where did you find it?
  9. I see they sell the replacement sole for tech 8's, i looked at my boot and it looks like there sewed on the base. Anyone change soles easily or better off getting new boots?
  10. honda127

    CR125 Rebuild (Part 1 of __)

    sweet rebuild! You must have a some time in that...I just picked up a 03 cr 125 couple months ago and went through entire bike.
  11. i'm ready for some new boots, had a pair of tech 8's but the soles wore right down to the peg bad. Should i get tech 10's or sg 12's? If anybody has the sg 12's let me know how they hold up...i do alot of riding need durability.
  12. honda127

    stripped exhaust manifold bolt...help?

    I ended up taking the cylinder off yesterday and bringing it to the local machine shop which they taped it out then put a heli-coil in. Got the 125 back together and she's good to go for the wkend. brapppp
  13. I just rebuilt the topend on cr and put it all back together... but one of the three bolts that holds on the exhaust manifold that hooks it to cylinder is stripped. The other 2 bolts are good. Really don't want to tear it all back down and bring it somewhere to be re-taped. Could I heli-coil it or just throw a little hi-temp gasket sealer around it. Just looking for a little advice maybe i won't have to tear it back down.
  14. honda127

    excessive black spooge from exhaust?

    appreciate the feedback...I'm going to take her apart tonight check the float height & needle. I think I'm also going to order new water pump and crank seal's and do them bc it's an 03 and won't have to worry about them if I do
  15. honda127

    crank seal?

    Remove all Advertisements I just bought a 03 cr 125, went through the entire bike wheel/swingarm/linkage bearings, fresh top end/gasket kit. I also changed tranny oil and alot more came out than what i put in to get to right level. I put in bel-ray red 80 weight and fired the bike up once last night to break in the piston for few min than turned it off to check oil and it was already dark gray? It's spitting out spooge out end of exhaust. When the bike isn't running you have to turn off gas or it'll leak out of bottom brass overflow vent. I know it's either float's, crankseal, or maybe just need new exhaust packing bc the guy i got it from diddn't know anything about bikes. How hard and how much $ is it to do crankseal's if thats the case? feedback would be appreciated, thnx