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  1. any mods for big rider? what can make it more comfrotable? any way to raise seat hight? im 6'4" 235lbs
  2. Thanks dmc great advice. And I play tight end so yeah I'm prob gonna be around 240 to 245 soon. But thanks again everyone for the help.
  3. yeah. an injury would be terrible right now. but i just miss riding a lot. i just was looking around and saw a ktm 150? i dont know much about them. whould that be a good option?
  4. price shouldnt be an issue and im def gonna take it easy for a while to get use to the upgrade of power. i jsut want something that can haul me around well enough when im ready to start riding more aggressive. but thank yall for helping me out. i really appreciate it.
  5. Well first just wanted to say hey guys and im new to the forum. I just wanted to start riding again after a couple years off. The last bike i rode was a kx85 about 5 years ago. Im now playing college football so i have to keep my weight up so i think i may need a bigger bike and want to ride on my off time. I've been thinking about either a 125 or 250 2 stroke or a 250 or 450 4 stroke. I dont know know which one would be best for me and if i can handle a bigger bike from this long of a break. I would like to trail ride a little but i will mostly ride at a friends house where he has a legit private track. any help would be great. and sorry for such a long post i just need some guidance. Stats weight - 235 lbs hight - 6'4" age - 18