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  1. mxrider495

    Have 06 bike no head. Will an 08 or 09 head bolt right up?

    im 99% sure its just 06-08. then its 09-11 or 12...
  2. mxrider495

    2004 KX250F won't start need help!

    did yall not start it before you bought it?!???
  3. mxrider495

    KX250F Lowered Seat

    no just lighter spring but a revalve would work too. race250r is right, but i would have local suspension shop do it for you if i was you...
  4. mxrider495

    big problem please help

    i would be happy that happened if i were you, if that thing cracked from (what is it?) 36 in. pounds of pressure, it probably wouldve went while you were riding and caused much more damage! i don't see how that happened, but anyways, ya what the other guy said, you will probably have to wait for a part out...
  5. mxrider495

    Arenacross Question

    no they wont let you run the c and d class, try to run one of those and open amateur, or school boy/ college boy. im sure theres always a way to run 2 classes.
  6. mxrider495

    flame noise

    i think he is trying to say it backfires one more time after it dies, mine has done this before too, but not all the time.
  7. mxrider495

    Clutch issue, I need a hand.....

    dude im sorry but your bike is completely fine so your just wasting time, i have a brand spanking new clutch complete everything with zero hours on it, its works awesome and perfectly and ill post a video tomorrow, it does the same thing. ill try to break it down, coming from a kid that somewhat new to how a clutch works. when you start and put it in gear, pull in the clutch rev up the rpms and let it out slowly, i think the reason you do this is because enganging the motor to the bike moving with you on it puts pressure on the motor and it wants to die, but if the bike is already moving there isnt as much pressure on the motor because your already moving, therefor the motor wont die... i know im somewhat close but thats just from a normal person thatt does his own works' perspective.
  8. mxrider495

    Clutch issue, I need a hand.....

    thats not his problem. he is saying when he is in gear and doesnt have the clutch pulled in at all the bike is going
  9. mxrider495

    FASTEST man on the Planet = RV1

    stewart is now the COW. crash or win, checkers or wreckers.
  10. mxrider495

    Are 250f's really that high maintenance?

    no there not very much maintenence at all just the normal stuff, but i have heard bad stuff about 09 transmissions, or cranks, something about the bottom end.
  11. mxrider495

    Clutch issue, I need a hand.....

    well i know exactly what you mean but thats how its supposed to run. if its going a little too fast you might have your idle a little high, or your throttle cable might be too tight but other than that, sounds perfectly normal.
  12. mxrider495

    Clutch issue, I need a hand.....

    ya im with you, idk if you wrote it wrong or i read it wrong but it sounds like your bike is doing just what its supposed to do...
  13. mxrider495

    08 Cam Lobes & TDC?

    make sure your on the right line and turn it over again. it will end up with lobes facing outwards
  14. mxrider495


    mx 51 or michelin starcross.