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  1. I use low odor mineral spirits then wash it out with dish soap.
  2. joe deerteh

    2000 drz400 kicker jetting

    I guess I should pick up an extended fuel screw, since I don't think I can get to it with the carb on the bike. I pulled the carb off earlier and checked all the jets and the needle. The main air jet was a 65, pilot air was 60, the needle was OBDXP with the clip in the 4th position, 142 main jet, 200 starter jet, and a 45 pilot jet. After looking at the manual someone must have had it apart and swapped the main air jet and the starter jet. That explains why it would die whenever the choke was pulled. I was thinking of following this jetting guide http://www.4strokes.com/tech/suzuki/drzadjet.asp since the coast enricher is already removed and it's easy to pull the snorkel and open up the air box. Thanks for your help William1.
  3. joe deerteh

    2000 drz400 kicker jetting

    Thanks for the reply William1, I believe the stock needle and jets are in it. The main, pilot, and starter jets were all stock, as in what the manual specifies, but I didn't check the needle or air jets. I guess I need to pull it off again and write down what everything is. I just pulled the main, pilot, and starter and cleaned them and set the float height when we got it. It starts within a few kicks cold, hot can be another story. The engine can die when the clutch is pulled in at a stop as well. I set the fuel screw to 1.5 turns out as the manual states, would adjusting the fuel screw make it easier to start when the bike is hot?
  4. Hi, I recently picked up a 2000 DRZ400 kicker model which looks to have been used very little. It has the stock muffler and air box with the snorkel in place and keihin carb. I think the coast enhancer/enricher has been removed as well as the hot start from the carb. Other than that the carb is stock. I'm riding at sea level in Virginia and temps will be from 70 up to 100, what jetting do you guys recommend? I'm not really looking to increase power since it is my girlfriends bike, the main thing is that it runs well and is easy start. Thanks for your help.
  5. joe deerteh

    2005 Cr125r Red Hot Glowing Exhaust Core

    I think something caught on fire inside your exhaust.
  6. joe deerteh

    Dumb Rad Valve Question

    Mine is installed the same w/ the boyesen writing on the left side of the bike, so I think you're good.
  7. joe deerteh

    Dumb Rad Valve Question

    I'll try and take a look at mine on my 04 tomorrow and let you know if it looks the same as yours.
  8. joe deerteh

    direct injection is HERE!

    Well converting to DI would require modding the head.
  9. joe deerteh

    direct injection is HERE!

    Question is can you get any of these bikes w/o bending over backwards and spending a fortune in North America?
  10. Wish I knew, the top end was screwed when I got it but it took me a while to figure it out. Eventually I found out it was the rc valve pulley was on upside down due to the brilliant previous owner. I'm sure someone else has input on it though.
  11. When I put the rad valve on my 04 I felt like it gave me more low end.
  12. joe deerteh

    shock linkage bearings

    NP, just wanted the OP to know he would be getting what he expected. I just changed some bearings on my bike today w/ allballs, did all the one's in the shock arm, took a close look at the link and decided to grease them and leave them. I was gonna do the swing arm bearings too, but after looking at them I just greased them up and slapped it back together.
  13. joe deerteh

    shock linkage bearings

    I'm not sure, all the parts for the lower link are in a bag of their own assembled as if they were installed.
  14. joe deerteh

    shock linkage bearings

    Straight from allballs page " (Linkage Kits incl. Lower Shock Brg Kit)" I've just got mine as well swing arm bearings and steering head bearings, now all I need to do is install them.
  15. joe deerteh

    Swing arm help, bearings no longer there.. photos

    Check your linkage bearings, my swingarm bearings on my 04 were in much better shape than the linkage bearings but they all need to be replaced. I'd also do your steering head bearings, pull and grease or replace if necessary.