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  1. 2014 YZ250F Woods Weapon. Done! except the FMF pipe.
  2. Don_Marsh

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    That Slow Joe guy still ride???? Trailfest is the 19th you gonna be there?
  3. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    Yes the course was crappy as usual. It helps to humble a person after a winter off not riding, a long winter.... It was still riding. I will probably do it again next year. I finished and thats all I can say. Headed back to the snow tomorrow. Sound like we still have a few feet on the ground.... Don
  4. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    Riding Delancey motorcycle loop around 11:00 Today. Camping is nearby.
  5. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    Let me know if you want to ride.
  6. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    zz3gmc, great I am riding the loop tommorow morning. linustitus, get that bike straightened up so we can get a ride in. Stop out tomorrow if you get a chance should be there around 11.
  7. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    North of 40 about 20 miles. Not bad. It's by Salt springs
  8. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    Yes header wrap is required. Four years ago there was a 4T that fell over and started a fire. Rode through it, was one of the scariest things. Wearing nylon and sitting on 3 gallons of gas...... Burnt my wrist it was so hot. Last year I rode the 4T and the made me wrap mine. Good thing is, they were selling it there cheap. Sunday should work, its sandy, good practice. Let me know. I am sooo ready to get out of this snow and ride.
  9. Don_Marsh

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    There is a motorcycle only trail near Salt Springs. called the Delancey loop. There is also wide ORV loops out of the campground there. There is a motocross track in Ocala called Hardrock. Let me know, I am racing the Alligator on the 14th.
  10. Don_Marsh

    Florida Riding Ocala, FL area

    Looking for someone to ride with. Probably the Delancy trail in the ONF. I will be in the Ocala/Silver Springs area March 7th for a couple of weeks. Looking for someone to ride with to get rid of the winter cobwebs before the Alligator. Any intrest?
  11. Don_Marsh

    Pinecone this weekend

    Yes you can ride with your son. Either solo or sign up for the Buddy class and ride together. It will make lots of memories. I am an LMC club member so let me know if you have any questions. Don
  12. Don_Marsh

    Place to stay near Walton MI

    Not much for cabins in the Fife Lake area. Try Rustic Rafters in Moorestown. Lot of great single track in that area and ATV route heading towards Fife Lake. Don
  13. Don_Marsh

    Ocala ride Dec. 20-Jan 2

    Had a great ride at Delancey today. Did a quick loop by myself.
  14. Don_Marsh

    2012 Jack Pine Enduro

    Jack Pine is NOT a national this year.
  15. Don_Marsh

    Ocala ride Dec. 20-Jan 2

    Made it down yesterday. Pick a day time and place. Any day but today, got chores to do....