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  1. JFoVStar650

    West Texas Riding/Racing??

    TDRA, Lubbuck Trail Riders, Post Trail Riders, TSCEC
  2. JFoVStar650

    XR100 Jetting

    Doesn't die but not much get-up, but i suppose that's normal for 99cc. Dropped the clip on the needle to the #2 spot and it seems to be running fine. This was a cheap replacement carb...
  3. JFoVStar650

    XR100 Jetting

    New carb is a copy with OEM-style jets installed. Removed airbox because wanted to use UNI filter pod and clean up the looks.....and want to match the extra air flow.
  4. JFoVStar650

    XR100 Jetting

    Removed airbox and installed UNI filter pod. Bike was not running prior to this due to gunked up carb. The new carb (Keihn) cam wioth new needle, slide, cable, etc. Just changed the jets to 105/40 as recommended for exhaust but tends to not want to rev.
  5. JFoVStar650

    XR100 Jetting

    2003 XR100. Installed new FMF exhaust, new carb (OEM size) with 105 main and 40 pilot, and UNI pod filter. Started up first kick and will idle but won't rev up. I referenced the jetting chart on BBR website. Confirmed choke is off. Bike idles smooth and will rev if teisting the throttle slowly, but nothing if twisting the throttle fast. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  6. IT Dept visiting my desk in 3, 2, 1...
  7. JFoVStar650

    Senior project research paper

    Coo. Good luck!
  8. JFoVStar650

    how many helmets do you have?

    8 MX 1 Street 2 Welding
  9. JFoVStar650

    Senior project research paper

    Would this work? I guess it's considered a book and not a "guide". $10. http://www.delalbright.com/book_order.html
  10. JFoVStar650

    Kickstart slip problem any advice ?

    Maybe something to do with a faulty/sticky/gunky slave cylinder or push rod causing the clutch to stay disengaged?
  11. Is this an example of what to do or what not to do?
  12. Just the way I like it...
  13. So....lots of lube, lots of tire irons, lots of patience, bead biddies, tire changing stand and no problemos??