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  1. em-efer

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    I didn't see any mention of the cockpit. If you're above 6'1 and used to KTM's, the cockpit might feel tight on the 18+gasser. The bike ergo is setup for aggressive standing single track type of riding imo. One other note. The 18+WP Air/XPlor suspension has came a long way so I wouldn't let that deter your decision.
  2. em-efer

    2018 + 2019 EC 250/300 Reviews---anybody?

    I posted a very in depth review in the forum a few months ago. From a critical mind, in may benefit you on the positives and negatives from someone that has zero skin in the game.
  3. em-efer

    2019 GasGas EC Ranger

    Goodluck, I have 220 hours on my X on stock bottom and 2 new top ends. Might do the bottom end at 300 hours
  4. I want to share my experience with the Technology Elevated (TE) Carb on the 18 GGEC300. My only mod is an RK TEK head and power valve is 2 turns out. The Carb was purchased by a friend with an 18 KTM 250 owner that couldn’t get it running properly. That friend then sold to my other friend who couldn’t get it running properly on a 18 KTM 300 J. Said friend, gave to me when he gave up. I would not use the TE carb had it not been given to me. The bike with the standard carb is hard hitting and pulls great from low to mid. In the upper RPM range the bike was never impressive to me compared to 250’s and friends KTM 300’s. I contacted TE and they were very happy to help but unfamiliar with the 18 GG300. They recommended the AQ-11 Metering rod and start with 85 - 110 clicks (there’s 120+ clicks to fine tune but I found when you venture out of +-8 clicks of recommendation, nothing changes). The results with the AQ-11 were absolute shit. Bike ran like a bag of terrible and was shitting fuel out the silencer. Long story short … new metering rod was needed. This was the same results my KTM’s buddies were reporting. Spoke to TE and they sent me a new metering rod (AV-11) which is a leaner. TE recommends starting at 45 and adjusting to a maximum of 55 clicks out. Each click I went out (leaner) the bike ran worse, so I settled on 45. This is where I’m at today. Results I have never had a 2 stroke run this clean. ZERO spooge no matter how I ride the bike. On the road ¼ throttle all the way to ½-full throttle, the plug is perfectly tan. Without a high compression motor, race gas, perfect jetting and consistent riding environment, a plug would never be this tan. I pulled the first few rides and it’s always the same color. Fuel Mileage has improved 10+ miles per tank. I went from a max range on a tank of 55 miles (empty) to 65 miles per tank before hitting reserve. Power delivery changed the most. The bike runs smoother. Only way I can describe the feeling of power delivery is similar to a KTM TPI. My butt dyno shows I lost power down low HP, but gained toque and a linear power delivery which now pulls all the way to over rev/high rpm. There’s two schools of thought on this… I love to have a hard hitting 2 stroke (rode 250’s my entire life). In my opinion, we all buy 2 strokes for fun, smell and maintenance intervals. With the smartcarb, you’re losing some of the wild hit which we’re all used to. Now power is 100% predictable with the Smartcarb. Last weekend we had a poker run in the mud, I could climb peanut butter mud with roots in 3rd gear barely working the clutch where previously I would have to down shift to second and use quite a bit of clutch to get the power to the ground effectively/efficiently. In comparison to a TPI and counterbalanced KTM’s, the GG300 in stock form lugs like shit if the motors hot and you get caught going up long uphills and need to work the clutch. I always found myself down shifting to second where my TPI KTM 300 buddies could climb in third with light clutching. I’m no longer having this issue. The bike can lug at low RPM’s which is a feeling I’m not used to. My final thoughts are: if you’re a B Open / A open / AA weekend racing warrior this carb will only help when you get tired or the track gets muddy. So I would say, save your money. I now only race 8-10 times per year, so the carb works well for me. I do think it’s going to benefit me now that I’m focusing on the 2018 Turkey Trot world championship and 35 years old. Fuel mileage and smooth power delivery are important for a washed up guy like me. If you're a high mileage high/low elevation rider, this will also work for you.
  5. em-efer

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    Agreed!!! Let make a Supercross Des Nations to make America great again!!!! LOL
  6. em-efer

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    Cut some slack...Hard pill to swallow... we're all mourning and angry :). Congrats on fifth.. had Searle's bike not had issues, GB would have been in top 3. Ben Watson is a huge talent and can't wait to see him develop.
  7. em-efer

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    I would like to touch on a couple points above. I think what is off is the USA let the pressure get to them but I still don't believe they could have won even on there "A" game. The Euros are mentally and technically better all around riders... Now you ask, how did I come to this assessment? The Euros have DOMINATED the past 4 MXGP's (other than Jason Andersons moto win) should say something. I'm not basing my assessment off just this race, I'm basing it off 4 years of racing. Keep in mind 2 of the top MXGP guys weren't there.. Gajser and Febvre + throw is Shaun Simpson who came back from injury and finished MXGP strong, I stand by my assessment... Herlings, Cairoli, Fabvre, Caldnehoff and Gajser would be able to win an AMA national and dice it with out top 5 guys. Herlings already did it! He won both motos… If you watch MXGP, Cairoli and Febvre wasn't far off the pace of Herlings all season. The AMA guys only advantage is the fast track speed and home field advantage vs. MXGP riders. USA isn't grooming the best ALL AROUND riders any longer.
  8. em-efer

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    USA riders got spanked. Madaglia had better lap times than Barcia! Either Madaglia was riding out of his mind, or Barcia rode like shit. Tommy Searle (on a stock bike, 2nd moto) was outclassing Eli. WTF. Searle was hurt nearly all season. I watch all MXGP and it's always hard to gauge since Herlings dominates, but I believe MXGP top 5 could win several AMA nationals. They're technically gifted due to riding beat tracks and have surpassed AMA guys as all around riders. AMA tracks are insanely fast compared to MXGP and groomed very well. IMO, this has developed a massive hole in the class of rider AMA produces. Very disappointing display by the American.... AGAIN.
  9. My 18 300 GasGas and friends KTM 300 TPI have totally different power. I can idle lug his KTM. I can’t do that with my GG. Up top my butt dyno says they nearly have identical power but KTM has smoother power to get there.
  10. em-efer

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    I rode the re-valved rear shock for 120 miles, 50 of this was rough fast single track. I set rider standing sag at 105mm and have 30mm of static. Rode the shock with every setting in the middle for a couple of hours for break in and reset the sag. With comp/reb in the middle, the rear shock rode slightly better than the stock setup with compression backed out and rebound all the way in. I ended the day dialing it in and very happy with the results. Once dialed, on the single track, I difference was immediately felt in the rocks and root single track. No more bouncing and bucking while riding rough trails at a high pace. So the rebound and compression damping issue is sorted. As a rule of thumb, I like to bottom my suspension at least once a ride to get a baseline. I finally accomplished this on a G out at ~30 MPH in double track for the first time in 1200 miles. The bike is finally dialed in and ready for racing.
  11. em-efer

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    Update - Rear Shock Rebound too fast and Compression too stiff. Weight: 185-190 LB Fully Geared Rear Spring: 5.2kg Rider Sag is 108mm Static sag is 40 mm (Leads me to believe I was over sprung even though GG recommends the 5.2kg.) Current Setup: Rear Shock: H/L speed compression adjustments set all the way out/soft (I’m unable to bottom the shock) and the ride is harsh when riding over nonconsecutive large rocks/roots so I know it not packing. I can’t sit on the seat with the harshness. I started at 10 clicks out on rebound and know have rebound all the way in, but it still rebounds too fast given the varying conditions.. The rebound is too lively, I’m able to bunny hop (literally) since it rebounds too fast. I swapped to a 4.9kg spring and was able to sag at 108mm at 30mm of static sag which tells me I have the correct spring. The 4.9 spring improved the fast rebound condition, but still bucks randomly going over anything 6 inches or higher. I've sent my rear shock to REP in Hampton, Ma. REP have a large following of riders in JDAY and NETRA series.. REP specializes in KYB and have the best New England Enduro/GP riders on the East Coast in their stable. Tony (the owner) tore the shock apart Thursday and took the time to measure the shims and investigate the rebound circuit. He determined that the Yamaha 250X and 18' GG KYB's are nearly identical externally and internally. He put in a similar setup they use for Enduro racing including a RaceTech KYB rebound separator. The only issue/variant that concerns me is the rising and falling rates of the linkage are different. $280 later, I'll have the shock back today and report back.
  12. em-efer

    2019 sc250 vs 2019 Gagas xc250

    I wouldn't say the GG is better than KTM and Sherco. They all have their good and bad points. From experience, I can tell you the fit and finish on the GG and KTM are top notch. The 2018 WP suspension has also came a very long way and KYB has a pretty generous following. WP XPLOR Rear and front feel great in tech stuff. To me, the ride difference between 2018 GG and KTM are nearly identifcal. It should come down to dealer network like it did me. I race A. The ride conditions are slow technical and ROUGH. All the trails we ride are previous HS and Enduro courses for the past 20 years so they're hammered. Soil is loamy.
  13. em-efer

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    The difference will very noticeable. To me, this is the best mod for the bike and sorted the inconsistent jetting out. I'm running 172 main, 38 pilot, went back to GG Needle 2nd notch down from top, Air screw 1 1/4 out.
  14. em-efer

    Review 2018 GAS GAS EC300GP

    Update - I'm nearly ready to begin racing with the bike. I'm very particular about my race bikes so I haven't put this into rotation with my 250x and 250fx. I have nearly everything sorted and hope this helps fellow GASGAS owners racing east coast style tracks. Fork Harshness (SOLVED) - Oil volume is 100% the fix for mid stroke harshness/deflection riding slower rocky and rooty terrain. I started in 5ml increments and ended up removing 15ml to get the feeling I was after. What a difference! Fork is very compliant at lower speeds/hard enduro type of riding. Do this on your EC/GP/XC, and thank me later for saving you the costs of sending the fork out for revalve. Spooge (SOLVED)- I narrowed down the spooging issue to the head after sorting the jetting out. The squish on the stock GP head was at 1.6 but the flame cup looked to be shit compared to KTM/Yam/Hus. There is no room to cut/mil the GP head (LITERALLY NONE). From what I've seen so far the GP head design is much different than the EC but both look to be poor design.. I ended up ordering a RK Tek head knowing their design has always been a winner. What a difference on low end power! The down low power is much improved and the bike is very snotty like a well tuned 2 stroke should be. The head also cleaned up the spooge. I only get a small drip when lugging for 5-10 miles. When riding fast terrain.... no spooge! The plug is PERFECTLY tan at this point no matter the speeds I'm riding (THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE without the head). Pretty impressed was the improvement the head. Gas Mileage (NEARLY SOLVED)- I was getting 35-38 miles to a full tank of gas. Dropped the float height 2mm and in combination to the head change, I'm getting 45-50 in tight single track @1000-2500ft. I was hoping for 60 in single track, but doesn't seem achievable. Rear Shock bucking (NEARLY SOLVED) - When hitting large rocks and roots at high 2nd gear speeds I get bouncing/kick. I've narrowed the bucking down to the rebound circuit. I currently have the max amount of rebound (all the win in) at this point and still get bucked. I also have the compression circuit 2 click LS and 1/2 turn HS from fully out so I'm coming to the end of the range. According to GASGAS the stock 5.2 spring is good for my riding weight of 185 (Fully geared). Yamaha has always recommends a 4.9 spring for my weight. My free sag is 21mm and rider sag 105-107mm (so it's close to where I like, but still off a bit making me believe it's over sprung. The rear spring could POSSIBLY be over powering the rebound circuit causing the fast action or kicking. I just changed the rear spring to a 4.9 and achieved 27mm with rider sag of 108mm so hopefully this solves the bucking. I don't really want to send the shock away but may need to if this doesn't solve the problem. Rear spokes loosing (NEARLY SOLVED): Since rebuilding the wheel last month, I still find myself chasing a few spokes after a hard long ride but it's usually 3-5 spokes requiring attention. I'm at 60inlb's of tension and it has helped. I plan to use green locktite when I need to fully rebuild/tension the wheel this fall. Linkage play (NEARLY SOLVED): I've narrowed it down to the upper shock bushing/bearing. The dealer is working on getting one warrantied from GASGAS. Stay tuned again.
  15. I'm selling one for $550 shipped to USA including shifter and all original hardware.