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  1. dverbeck

    Fuel or Electrical Issue?

    I once had a similar sputtering problem that presented when the bike was nice and warm. The engine lost power and died. Could not restart unless the enricher was on. As soon as I cracked the throttle it would die. I rode home on a fast idle. When I took the float bowl off I found this gelatinous substance that the main jet was trying to ingest. I removed the entire carb and throughly cleaned all passages with carb cleaner (the nasty, smelly solvent stuff) and compressed air. Problem solved.
  2. dverbeck

    Washing your Bike...

    I use a cheap polyester paint brush (2" wide). When dipped in soapy water the brush bristles can get dirt & mud out/off of most crevices and surfaces. Works really well on cylinder fins.
  3. dverbeck

    DR-650 Crank-case vent

    I understand that the length of hose is needed so that if the bike is inclined back, oil from the rear of the motor can flow up the tube and then drain back when level again. So if you ride mostly street, putting the filter right on the motor should probably be OK. Let us know what you experience because I too have considered this alteration.
  4. dverbeck

    Used DR650 purchase concerns

    That's serious corrosion, possibly salt-water. I'll bet there is other hidden corrosion, like wheel bearings and suspension linkage. Pass this one up.
  5. dverbeck


    Yesterday was my first time out on the new seat. It was so comfortable. The wide section was certainly appreciated, but what I didn't anticipate was how nicely the new foam soaks up road imperfections. I am very pleased with this seat. I feel I got a real bargain here - a satisfying product and way cheaper than your conventional Corbin, Sargent, Renazco, etc replacement seat.
  6. dverbeck


    DR Da-da, You can remove that gap by cutting a small amount of material (I used a wooden shim!) that will fit into the small plastic pocket at the very front of the seat pan. When the metal tang on the gas tank engages the pocket (now with the shim), it will pull the seat up against the tank. I experimented with a couple of thicknesses and found ~1/8" worked best. Also now that it works as a proof-of-concept, I'll replace the wood with something plastic and semi-permanently afix it to the seat pan. I'm pretty sure SeatConcepts would do a good installation job, but I would still use a local upholsterer, because you can work with the guy to get it just how you like it. Like drywall and autobody work, upholstery appears to be another one of those "dark" arts.
  7. dverbeck


    Hello, Just wanted to share my experience with a seat alternative. There is a company called SeatConcepts that sells a seat cover and padding for the DR650. The price is pretty reasonable at $159. The idea is that you install it. The cover took a little over a week to arrive. The vinyl was thick and well-stitched. I opted for all black vinyl, because its easier to move around, but there is a gripper top too. The foam padding was properly shaped in that it is wider and more supportive than the stock seat. I tried to install it, but my staple gun couldn't stick the staples in all the way. I was also going in circles chasing wrinkles. It wasn't an issue of quality, just inexperience. After farting around for 1+ hours, I brought it to an auto-upholstery guy. He did a fabulous job. It looks really good, all for 50 clams. Money well-spent. My only issue was when I installed the seat. The stock seat foam at the front actually curves under the pan and fills the gap with the gas tank. The new foam does not, leaving a 1/8" gap. My simple remedy was to put a spacer in the plastic pocket on the seat pan which engages the metal tang on the gas tank. That snugged the pan to the tank and voila! the gap is gone. I have only been able to sit on a stationary bike. I'm in frickin Minnesota and it won't be warm enough to ride for at least a month and a half. But it feels very nice. It's definitely wider than stock and the foam is firm so I won't get that "monkey-butt" when a seat is too soft and sticks to your butt. Overall I'm initially satisfied, but will withhold a final judgement until I get some riding time in. Here are some pics:
  8. dverbeck

    Removing paint from exhaust head pipe

    Thanks for the good advice. What a helpful crew on this forum.
  9. dverbeck

    DR650 Seat Survey

    What type of seat do you have? - Stock with Stearns cover When road riding, when are the first signs of mild discomfort with your seat? - I have no discomfort with the above setup. Describe the discomfort and what you think is causing it? - N/A How long before the pain is intolerable and you have to stand or stop? - N/A Note: When I had just the stock seat, I would get pain in the tailbone area after about 20 miles. Now I can ride without even thinking about discomfort. When I bought the Stearns I thought I would eventually get an aftermarket seat. Now about 5 months later, I'm asking myself why drop $300+ ??
  10. dverbeck

    Removing paint from exhaust head pipe

    Hello, Are there any negative consequences to removing the cheap black paint from the exhaust head pipe? It has started to peel in a few places. I thought I read on this site that the header was made of stainless steel. Is any removal method preferable (media blasting, chemical stripper, etc)? Thanks.
  11. dverbeck

    Hot diggity dang, ProCycle Saddlemen seat is available

    A neat idea and a very attractive price. Certainly let us know how it works out. I have a Stearns cover which is better than stock but I'm looking for a more refined look.
  12. dverbeck

    Suddenly lean

    On Wednesday night I removed the carb and checked the intake boot. I checked all the carb internals, cleaning the small passages with carb cleaner and air. Now the bike is running as I'm used to. Yea there is a little burble on throttle closure but nothing like before. Maybe there was some schmutz in one of the fuel passages causing a slight restriction in fuel.
  13. dverbeck

    The reluctant copyright pirate

    Thanks Fatchance, that gives me more confidence that the pdf I downloaded might be a complete as the hardcopy.
  14. dverbeck

    The reluctant copyright pirate

    I'm looking for the exploded view which shows all exhaust system components and what parts need to be renewed upon reassembly. I'm reasonably certain its the crush gasket at the head and the doughnut at the pipe/muffler union, but I always like to check the official source. The larger question is, is my version of the service manual complete? Because I see no illustrations of a rather major component like the exhaust system I'm doubtful. In the past I've always purchased the OEM manual from the stealer and I was confident I had the whole shebang. Now that I cheaped out, I'm concerned that I got what I paid for! Has anyone else gone down this path?
  15. dverbeck

    The reluctant copyright pirate

    OK, now that thats off my chest, let me explain. A while back, I wanted to do some work on the 'ol DR650. Found a manual (pdf) on the net and downloaded it. The first page warned that this version was not complete, but when I looked at the content it seemed to all be there. Today I wanted to look up info on the exhaust system in the pdf, but I could find no exhaust documentation. Two questions: 1. Is this the warning coming to fruition or is there truly no exhaust info? 2. Where online have you purchased official service manuals at a fair price? Thanks.