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  1. snailspool

    My SM Mods so far

    That is one tricked out bike! Very clean.
  2. snailspool

    my drz400sm build TURBO FI

    Looks great, i have been tossing the idea around with a gt12 but i decided to turbo my 2zz matrix instead, with an MHI 20g (im a DSMer at heart). Any estimated complete date? Im excited for this! What turbo company do you work for?
  3. snailspool

    First 1/4 mile runs ever tonight!

    Im stoked! Just took mine to the strip myself tonight. I think i did great considering the DA today was around 7100' above sea level. Thats right, nearly a mile and a half high. Here is what the bike has: 22,000 mile stock engine FCR 39mm RS3 3x3 14/41 JD jet kit Pilot powers rear @ 21.5 psi Rider with gear=205ish lbs First run: RT-.212 60'-2.304 I immediately saw only sky, i wasnt expecting that much hook, and let off! 1/8- 9.625@72.923 1/4-15.291@85.196 After getting to know the track and running with the choke on(looks like im running lean on my #150 jet) On my 7th run, I managed a best of: RT-.588 (very happy with that) 60' 1.958 (front wheel was just coming up, felt great) 1/8-9.047@73.632 1/4-14.523@ 87.442 Using the NHRA correction factors, thats good at sea level for 1/8-8.482@80.479 1/4-13.616@95.574 Not bad! Now i do have DSM's that are faster than that, but none of them took me to the road track last week, railing past liter bikes on the outside, got me 54MPG, took me to work on my 32 mile commute, then took me on some single track dirt trails to the drag strip and back! Its my jack of all trades, master of none(except MPG).
  4. snailspool

    What has spark, fuel and won't run?

    not me, im 95% sure it had to do with the alternator pigtail being damaged.
  5. snailspool

    How do you guys lift your bikes?

    The bucket method failed on me after the second time (collapsed) so i spent 29.99 @ harbor freight, and got a lift for it. Works much better.
  6. snailspool

    No more decals (clean look) post your pics

    Those stripes are reflective tape for some added safety. Other than those, no decals.
  7. snailspool

    Full throttle surge/hesitation after heavy traffic

    Could it have to do with the increased heat? Less airflow over and into the carb leading to a rich mix?
  8. snailspool

    DRZ harmonics?

    My guess is your hearing the timing chain. It makes a similar noise. Where is it coming from?
  9. snailspool

    DRZ400SM FCR-MX carb help- leaking gas

    This should help http://www.jetsrus.com/carburetor/carb_keihin_FCR_SINGLE_carb_exploded_view_parts.html Mine was leaking after i removed the screen (36) to clean it out and (37) was all dried and allowed fuel to leak past the needle. Very similar symptoms. If not that, the needle (42) may have some wear. Shipping is the ridiculous part of these parts so order whatever you may need to replace. Also a local shop may have the o ring as one here in Abq did.
  10. snailspool

    Another Colorado Supermoto Video!

    Excellent video. Well edited too. Makes me want to get into that.
  11. snailspool

    I thought it meant you were running lean when...

    What throttle position are you at? WOT?
  12. snailspool

    drz400sm ???

    Allow me to preface that i am no drz expert, but i have read a fair amount here and know engines well. You could do it, but your engine would choke up top, especially with the potential all those other modification provide, in conjuction with the BB. Granted you would have gains below 7k or so, but based on the graphs ive seen you would be shorting yourself substantially. Also for jetting, what is your elevation?
  13. snailspool

    FCR 39 throttle stuck open. AP?

    William1, thank you so much. I got it back to working right but it looks like my float seat seal failed when i took it out to clean the screen (deduced from another post of yours). I learned a bunch just taking the carb apart. Ive been intimidated by carbs until now (fuel injection kid) but their operation is not so ethereal now and IMHO its rather ingenious. THANKS AGAIN!
  14. snailspool

    Summers here.....

    Looks like fun!
  15. snailspool

    What stater is best aftermarket or stock

    Ricky stator also has excellent customer service in my experience.