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  1. jtiv19

    Tonn's Fabrication,THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    It does look petty good. Pretty soon your DRZ will look ALMOST as good as mine.
  2. How about that ride at Croatan?
  3. jtiv19


    My new license plate
  4. jtiv19

    Removing pcv junction box ?

    When I removed the box I ended up with an oil soaked air filter.
  5. jtiv19

    OT: Photo Contest

    My vote is in!
  6. The link I posted covers the links as well.
  7. Swapping wheels should be no trouble at all really. As far as your linkage goes...... Do this http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/566760-swingarm-and-rear-suspension-maintenance/ Also be sure to read the rest of the DRZ FAQs Good luck
  8. jtiv19

    A 2012 DRZ was born today

    It's a 2012 S model I could give you a good deal but I'm afraid shipping would be a bit much..... Unless of course you ride the TAT back to California!
  9. jtiv19

    Strange noise when I let off throttle.....

    +1 New chain with front and rear sprockets.
  10. jtiv19

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    Well we have been kind of lucky with the mild winter we've had. But yeah this cold weather sucks for riding.
  11. jtiv19

    North Carolina DRZ Rider's Thread

    Ive been diving the truck more lately because Ive got a few projects going on at home and work. (And maybe a little bit of laziness ) I did however turn over 10,000 miles on my 2011 S model Tuesday.
  12. jtiv19

    Aftermarket shifter question

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/932805-msr-1-shift-lever-before-and-after-pics/page__p__9752657#entry9752657 Here are some pics
  13. jtiv19

    Aftermarket shifter question

    Im using the MSR +1 lever and love it. I did have to do some tweaking in the vise for it to fit correctly. If you decide to use it be sure to replace the bolt that comes with it with a grade 8 bolt. The one they send with it is butter soft.
  14. jtiv19

    Fork skins

    I have the fork skins on my 2011 S model. They are the ones that velcro on. IMO they look a lot better and its easy to clean behind them. They do start to show some wear and tear after only a few months.