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  1. Canuck

    09 300 xcw

    2nd these additions. The sub mount and pegs make a world of difference.
  2. Canuck

    09 300 XC-W Protection?

    thumper store or hardparts should have most of the goodies for your bike
  3. Canuck

    New skins on the girlfriends 200!!!

    champ graphics
  4. Canuck

    Whats your favorite oil mix?

    Ipone Samurai
  5. Canuck

    Switch from a wr450 to a ktm 300

    I went from the WR450 to XCW, never looked back. Buy the toggle switch from sicass racing to customize the hit. You will be impressed with the weight reduction and tight trails handling. Point and shoot power
  6. Canuck

    Cooked crank seal bearings

    My bad, still thinking in 4 stroke terminology lol! both CRANK bearings pooched.
  7. Canuck

    Cooked crank seal bearings

    08' 300XCW-E, 15 hours on the engine.... Any idea what would have caused this?
  8. Canuck

    what to buy 300xce or 300xcwe?

  9. Interesting, mine came with cooler plug (BR7ES) stock. Was the BR8 stock on yours?
  10. Canuck

    Can a old thumper guy gets some help here?

    Based on your weight / riding style / previous bike and the specs of the 250/300, I would recommend the 300. Cannot go wrong with either.
  11. Canuck

    08 cap leaking???

    inspect the rubber seal ring on the underside of the cap
  12. I have found the trick getting the boot on is to bend/twist it under the main frame bar away from the plug to get it on easily. Also trimming a couple millimeters off the bottom is an option for easy install as the boot is very tall. What type of plugs is everyone using? Tried a "NA3" plug this past weekend instead of the BR8E (r=resistor), works well.
  13. Canuck

    01 426 vs. 08 300xc

    Gearing and suspension on the W is best for enduro/hare scramble type riding, XC for track. I chose the W as 70% ride time is in the woods. With the clickers done up, still works well on the track. Cannot go wrong with either.
  14. Canuck

    2 stroke...winter ??

    où au Québec montez-vous ?