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  1. Raksj04

    Help need to sell My 650L quick.

    I listed it on Craigslist for 3500 OBO, since people like to talk you down. So far I have only getting one person to come look at it, I was hoping to get at least $3000 for it. Is that being more hopefully then I should be? When I said reasonable, I meant not listing it for 25% of the value.
  2. I need to sell my 2009 XR650L pretty quick due to my current financial situation. As much as I love my bike I need to sell it. Does any one have any recommendations for selling quickly while still getting a reasonable price?
  3. Raksj04

    Hot Cam questions

    The fun part is trying to understand it all. So is there a power gain at all? or does the power curve just shift to the right? I also thought about running a full FMF exhaust system. I am not sure How that will effect the cam.
  4. Raksj04

    Hot Cam questions

    I tried searching and had trouble coming up with anything. I was wondering what all is need for Hotcam Cam shaft for my 09 XR650L. Can I just install it? or do I need to rejet the carb or any thing else. Most of my modify of engines is on FI cars. I am not to fimilar with carbs other then how to take them apart and clean them, and replace gaskets. Also any feedback on the cam would be great. I do mostly street riding, but I love to hit the trails once I find them near my new house. I live at mostly sea level however I am close enough to West VA mountains to make a weekend trip out to them.
  5. What about the FMF Hi-flow header and the powercore, with there Power-Up Jet kit? Have any one used that setup? They don't list the Sizes on the website
  6. Raksj04

    Sticky seat?

    I think SDG makes a seat for a little over $100, however that are backordered on bike bandit.
  7. Raksj04

    Sticky seat?

    The only stuff I put on it where a Convertable top cleaner and a vinyl interior cleaner, that was after the seat felt sticky. My tool bag on the rear fender is discolored and nasty looking as well. I guess I could change it to the 2003 style which I am fond of. Any recommend places to buy new seat covers? I think I am going to invest in a cover. I haven't before since I was riding daily to work. I do have an extended warranty thru honda but I dont think they will cover this. or the rust that is showing up on my 2009 that i bought a year ago. I have found a condom on my handle bar grips before I wasn't too happy about it.
  8. Raksj04

    Sticky seat?

    I have been having issues with a sticky seat lately, at 1st I thought some a-hole put something on it since I live in the barracks and my bike has to sit outside here in FL. However I haven't been able to get it clean. I am not sure If i am using the wrong products or if it is something else. It also well turn my pants the color of my seat, red, after a ride.
  9. Raksj04

    Tire and 4,000mile maint help

    do you mean the KTM one that is .005 in?
  10. Raksj04

    Tire and 4,000mile maint help

    I found the kenda's but not in 4.60-18
  11. My bike is just over 4,000 miles and it is due for said manitance. I was wondering if there is a good write up on this, or if I should just take it to Honda and have them do it. I have never personally checked valve clearance. I all noticed that the rear tire needs to be replaced. I was hoping to find a good 50/50 tire, because of how far I have to ride to get to the trails. I was also wondering what sizes will work.
  12. Raksj04

    Help with chain slack adjustment.

    right now i think it is about three inches how do i properly tighen the chain up. i have never done it before.
  13. Raksj04

    Help with chain slack adjustment.

    the chain is touching the swing arm in spots
  14. I just put about 3000 miles on my bike, and since I ride about a mile everyday to work I have noticed the chain looks a little slacked. What is the proper way to adjust it? and what is the best way to prevent rust from getting on the chain.
  15. Raksj04

    Croom monday

    I will be the guy on the XR650L with wisconsin plates