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    your problem isn't really low end power, it's the crappy throttle response from the CV carb. Fix, get a pumper, going to run you 300-500 and most dealers probably wouldn't want to do it. Just like someone else said, you can get the Dynojet kit, which is $70 (i have an old kit that i'd sell for $30 if you want that too) it's not as big of a difference, but it's noticeable.
  2. Kev102189

    Buying KLX300 what mods first ?

    go to planetklx.com and look up the free mods, they're great because they're free. Take off the airbox lid, that'll give you more power for free. Next I'd say get a header from FourStrokeWorks.com, and remove the end cap from your silencer. This'll make a huge difference, as the header is the same header from the KLX250 when it was made, and is really restrictive. From what i've heard a new silencer isn't worth it for the small amount of power gained. Then maybe a new carb, or maybe put some $ into suspension...
  3. How hard you guys gonna be riding bob? Never been to moon rocks, even with how close it is to me. I'll play it by ear depending on the weather and how i feel tomorrow morning. As for the people not sure whether or not to go over the pass, it's possible, but it'll be slow with a bunch of asians driving in snow (AAAAHHH!!!). I wouldn't want to cross the summit with a toy hauler during a storm, that's for sure. You'd be running 25 or so the whole time to be safe, turns an hour drive into three hours.
  4. Kev102189

    exhaust systems

    That's what most people reccomend, I've heard the power gain in a new silencer is minimal. Just take off the butt plug of the stock muffler and get a FSW header. I haven't ever tried an aftermarket silencer, but I felt lots of gain with the header.
  5. Kev102189

    Unofficial, Uninsured, Unorganized WCTTR 06

    I'm getting your rain only it's snow up here... in april
  6. Kev102189

    Renthal Fatbar RC High Bend

    I've got CR highs with the universal adapter adding an extra 3/4" of height, all reaches fine.
  7. I have a mik 33 and it's night and day next to that CVK. I did have to grind out part of my frame though, and still not the best fit...
  8. Kev102189

    Which number plate works? cr,kx,wr, etc....

    ooohh, front number plate, got it, I was thinking the side ones.
  9. Kev102189

    race tech springs & valves rock!!!

    so how much did the valve and springs run you costwise? And bill p, since I know you'll read this, how much is it for the building jumping mods at ESP? Thanks
  10. Kev102189

    Which number plate works? cr,kx,wr, etc....

    on the 300 or 110?
  11. Kev102189

    New user here/2006 KLX 300R and KLX 110

    I don't think you'll need it for the 300, maybe the 110 if the stock ones don't cut it after a while. have fun with your son
  12. Kev102189

    Unofficial, Uninsured, Unorganized WCTTR 06

    Any teenagers going? I'd like to try and make it down if I can, I'll have to see how my arm is doing in a month though.
  13. Kev102189

    plug wrench for KLX300

    best solution, just like bill said, add a 8mm and 12mm socket and pull those off, I can do that in about 2 minutes i've done it so much (i suck at jetting so had to do it a lot)
  14. Toilet brush and tooth brush is what it takes, also Simple Green (or the Kirkland version of it at costco) work wonders. I wet it down, spray the whole thing with simple green, scrub for about five minutes and rinse. Also a few people were asking about the seat and fender, Maier MX style rear fender and Guts Racing tall seat foam and cover, like 'em both.
  15. Kev102189

    Which air box boot for the Mikuni 33 pumper...

    Let me know if it works, mine's kind of ghetto looking right now