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  1. glock27supermoto

    what do you think I could sell it for?

    thanks guys. if I decide to sell it ( probably not ) ill be sure to let you guys know incase you are interested. these things are so fun to ride in the city that it is hard to give it up. if only I could convince my wife to get her own bike . that would solve everything. she says " I just like to ride on it, I don't want to drive it". I cant even get her to try it out in a parking lot.
  2. glock27supermoto

    what do you think I could sell it for?

    I know mods don't help increase value, just informing the reader of the bikes mods. a lot of times it can hut value. one thing is fore sure. it would make me really happy if i got a bike that had these mods done on it. thanks for all the post guys. I have always been told the DRZ hods value well
  3. glock27supermoto

    what do you think I could sell it for?

    I got it new off the show room floor in the end of 2010. so you could say it isn't 4 years old. and there is no difference in a new model compared to the 2009 besides cosmetics.
  4. glock27supermoto

    what do you think I could sell it for?

    the thought of selling her went through my head. My wife an I want a bike that is more comfortable for 2 up I cant have 2 bikes. what do you think ai could get for her? 2009 DRZ 400SM black new Continental conti attack SM tires JD jetting 3x3 mod new fuel screw MRD full edge tail light fan override switch plastics scuffed only 4100 miles on it. oil and filter changed every 500-700 miles
  5. glock27supermoto

    Main Wiring Harness Problems ( electricians needed )

    I figured out why the bike souds different. the original tailight and blinker set up put the blinker right behind my MRD exst. the exst was louder with that set up. now that i have the Edge tailight with the blinker relocators on it, the blinkers are comlpetly out of the way of the exst. the exst ist as " poppy" sounding now
  6. glock27supermoto

    Main Wiring Harness Problems ( electricians needed )

    ok. I took her for a ride and she sounds different. cant put my finger on how it sounds different but it dose. no heat issues on case cover, oil looks and smells fine, radiator isn't to hot, I know for a fact that I didn't acquire any fluid leaks during the accident engine sounds the same ( little noisy like all DRZs). the clutch almost feels different. I hate to say it but the engin almost feels............. tighter I guess that is the best way I can describe it. maybe I should just change the oil and see how she runs after that. I dont know. if your bike falls on the road form looping a wheelie and then slides down the road about 20 Yards can that do any kind of damage that would make the engine sound different?
  7. glock27supermoto

    Main Wiring Harness Problems ( electricians needed )

    everything is good. I figured it out. the bike is completely assembled, washed and running great. now I just need to make that 12 oclock bar. Ill post pics when I'm done with that. thank you guys for all your help, signit98 and Noble I greatly appreciate it and would be lost without you.
  8. glock27supermoto

    Main Wiring Harness Problems ( electricians needed )

    now Im lost. the bulb looks good. not burnt up on either of the filaments. it makes me think it has to do with the slight difference in the wires. the left side controls and right side controls on the original had 7 wires and the purchased one has 6 on both sides. then the 2 that I mentioned before ( pic #4 ) that are for the starter that werent on the original harness. I just want to take the whole thing off and send it back to the seller. Im getting sick of fu$%^ around
  9. glock27supermoto

    carb problems after 3x3 mod?

    that is what I was thinking.
  10. glock27supermoto

    Main Wiring Harness Problems ( electricians needed )

    YOU HAVE SAVED THE DAY!!!!! man I should send you a thank you gift! Tail light works now brake light with both levers works start button works kill switch works blinkers work horn works fan override works ONE PROBLEM THOUGH. My headlight still wont come on. I guess I don't know if the bulb went out in the crash or not? could it do that? there is still a yellow/white wire coming from the right side controls ( in the connector I was having issues with) that doesn't have a wire to plug into it from the new harness. there are only 6 wires on the purchased harness that go to that plug and my original one had 7. any ideas?
  11. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS PLEASE HELP this thread is a continuation of another titled " when over on a wheelie " I went over on a wheelie and long story short, the main wiring harness on the bike overheated in some spots, melted and blew the fuse. I purchased a used harness from eBay. the seller has 100% positive feedback. the harness is supposed to fit my 2009 DRZ 400SM. FYI: I have contacted the seller and am waiting for a response. before I get started I will tell you the things I have gotten to work with my new harness 1)break light with front and rear break 2)blinkers front and back 3) fan override switch 4) Ignition 5) most of lights on instrument panel this one has nothing to plug into any more. it comes from the instrument pannel this is the plug that goes to the blinkers, horn, and headlight switch. I didn't check the horn because the plug didn't reach at the time, but the blinkers work and the headlight does not. I had to remove the connector from my original harness and put the wires from the purchased harness into it so I can plug it In. all the colors of the wires matched up on this one so it wasn't hard to get them in the correct hole of the connector. at least I think the colors were supposed to match up. not sure because of the headlight though. this plug goes to the start button/kill switch The plug on the purchased harness was different for this. most of the colors of the wires are different too. I took the connector off of the purchased harness and I am in the process of figuring out which wires go were into the female connector ( the side that the kill switch and start button are connected to). I have 3 wires ( out of 7) that I think are in the correct place, more info on that under the last picture This is something new. these 2 plugs are on the purchased harness. Neither of them were originally on the bike. they are meant to be plug into each other. I plug them in to each other and have the 3 wires plug in that I mentioned in the previous picture. when those 4 wires are plugged in and I turn on the ignition the bike turns over by itself instantly. if I left the ignition on the starter would keep going. I tried doing this with the kill switch on and it still turns over. Im lost and don't know what to do next. I really don't want to take the bike to a dealer and pay for the service. HEEELLP!!!
  12. glock27supermoto

    Oil in my airbox?

    Stop Doing Such Long Wheelies
  13. I Dont Know Anything About This Stuff So I Think There Are Marbles Rollin Around In There:)
  14. glock27supermoto

    Bar help needed

    I usually drink a good micro brew at the bar
  15. glock27supermoto

    IM stuck. whent over on a wheelie

    Im still young. i cant stop doing wheelies .and i do heal fast . its not like I do them every second but when I get the chance to do one and i feel like It wont be seen by the cops.....I DO IT!!! I have very short commuts,about 5 miles give or take and i usually get 2 or 3 good ones in every time. it makes me ..... every time! I agree with the off road riding part. it is way safer to do it off road and that is were i learned but i dont have anywere to do that righ now. you ride safe too.. but do a wheelie every onec in a while. it will make you too.