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  1. I hate saying this, but i know you'll love to hear it...YOU ALL WERE RIGHT. Damn thing WAS clogged. I thought I got it, but I didn't. She's running like a champ and there is now a fuel filter on it as well. Thanks guys ya'll freakin rock
  2. Yeah I was thinking like you too at first. I checked it after each rain and it was always dry. I hope I find it to be the carb today after my bike guy re-looks over what I did.
  3. Like I said, rag (oily) was stuffed in the top of the airbox, plus filter was on, plus to even get water in the carb you'd have to pour a bucket in there. Seat was off because it was sent off to seat concepts. Still, I've checked around and there was no standing water or anything like that.
  4. No it ran exactly the same way. Where the petcock vacuum line was, I had it pinched completely. As for anywhere else I don't know? I mean nothing changed between saturday and wednesday physically for it to stop working. It did sit with the seat off through a few rainstorms, but I had a rag stuffed in the airbox hole.
  5. I'm almost wondering if I should get a JD kit next day'd to me and just start the trip Monday. That kit replaces most everything, doesn't it?
  6. I removed the jets and cleaned them. Nah the oil smells like oil, nice and fresh. I don't have a manual handy at this point. ummm maybe the float is at the right level? haha I'm going to try and get it over to my bike guy to see what he has to say about it..I'm so lost and its freakin killin me
  7. Not sure what happened, but over the past week the bike WILL NOT RUN. Ran great this past weekend, no issues at all. Now all of a sudden it won't stay running. Pulled Carb, totally clean, cleaned it anyway fully. pine sol bath for a couple hours, full rinse, 100psi compressed air blow clean. Everything spotless. 1.5 turn a/f screw If I try to give it gas it dies. If I can get the revs up (takes a long time of slightly giving fuel), I can then knock it down to no choke, but I'm WOT and barely idling. Bypassed the petcock and favor of a 2 ft fuel line held up a the handlebars with fresh fuel and a pinched vacuum line. It sucks that fuel down like a fat kid and chocolate milk. I'm supposed to be starting my TAT trip tomorrow...Thank god I have till thursday to travel 500 miles of highway lol. Still had lots of stops with state wide friends that might have to be cut now. Any ideas?!?! PLEASE!
  8. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    Well I took it for a ride around the neighborhood...wow did it run like shit. Was heavily bogging down in gears, could hear rotating metal from gear side, and when I came back out there was BLACK water drops all over the rear swing arm, exhaust, overflow bottle...I have no idea what was. This bike is getting SOLD.
  9. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    What a douche I am, I have my facebook locked down haha Let me try and remedy that.
  10. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    Heyoooo So, new gas, new fuel lines, end cleaner carb...and no matter how I adjust ever screw on the damn carb, no fuel at low end, then blamooo lots of great sounding high rpms. Lower rpms... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10100648734637603 Higher http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10100648738904053 I got tired of working on it and sick and tired of not seeing it how I remember it, so I finally put it all back together, and with a new headlight (mine blew off many-a-flip-overs ago.
  11. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    Awesome, thanks!!
  12. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    haha actually that goes on to my next question...Does the front wheel have a spacer? I know the rear wheel has 2 spacers, but the front has a speedo on one side, then the other...(I'm getting mixed results in searching. If there are TWO spacers, that's even more important lol Thats the only thing that is keeping me from taking it for a ride and testing out this transmission.
  13. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    "Doctor, It hurts when I hit myself in the face right here" "Stopping hitting yourself!" Yeah I just didn't remember it doing that...been a while lmao. Actually added some extra oil directly into the tank b/c I was worried that there wasn't enough oil in that old shit gas. Alright I'll do what you suggest monday and hopefully everything will work out for the best. Need to find my front wheel spacers so I can get the damn bike off the ground. Looks so sad down there haha
  14. Zachsv

    94 KDX 200 took on a lot of water

    WELL it's been a while but the motor is finally back in the frame and and starting. Here is a video of it...got some questions though. Idle is pretty rough, though the gas is about 6months old (sitting in a gas can) and I didn't do the BEST cleaning on the carb. If you have any ideas for me other than those, please throw it my way. I'm worried about the kick starter grinding. I've never heard that noise until now. Thanks!
  15. I just picked up a stock E header/exhaust for 105 shipped off ebay. Hoping everything mounts up OK-ishly. I know I'll have to make a bracket for the midpipe apparently, but we'll see.