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  1. hellifIknow

    Daytona SX pics

    Killer pics!! Thanks for sharing. Zeb
  2. hellifIknow

    Gift from my girlfriend

    Almost as good as a hand-jig. Almost Zeb
  3. hellifIknow

    Funny Riding video

    Dumber than Sh$t!! But, I will have to admit the "Jigabooooooo" during the chorus caught me off guard and made me laugh. &%$#@!?! Zeb
  4. hellifIknow

    Post your weird antics here

    No offense, but.... are you mental? BTW, isn't that the same place that other dude got harrassed by the law? Good luck with this post. Zeb
  5. Thanks for the tip(s.) Maybe I'll see you around. Zeb
  6. hellifIknow

    !8" Rear Wheel Advantage?

    Somewhere in this managerie, I think I found my answer:) Thanks! Zeb
  7. hellifIknow

    !8" Rear Wheel Advantage?

    What is the advantage of an 18" rear wheel vs. a 19" wheel for woods type riding? Zeb
  8. I am not a big fan of go-pro footage, but...... I enjoyed it. Your friend rides well. Zeb
  9. 52 It was my NBL BMX # and my football #. I think I might like 57 better, though. But then there would be no reasoning behind it
  10. hellifIknow

    Post your yz250s

    Current Work-in-Progress. 1999 Started here: Where I am at now. Still working on it. Zeb
  11. hellifIknow

    Beater to Beast(Hopefully) w/pics

    Thanks for the input. I dig those brewery stickers. I agree that it needs some contrast. The red seat cover was ordered Tuesday Any other ideas/suggestions(that have to do with trimming out ht ebike ) Zeb
  12. hellifIknow

    Beater to Beast(Hopefully) w/pics

    Here is where I am at now. I just need to trim it out in Red. Though I am digging the balck and chrome look. I just need a black seat cover. Any opinions on the matter?
  13. Thanks for the headsup. How do you like the 250f? I am going to race a YZ250 2 smoker. I think that I really would rather have a 4 banger for the woods, though. What class did/are you riding? Zeb
  14. And to think, I almost made that race my first HS ever. How was the rest of it? Zeb
  15. hellifIknow

    How to properly identify what year my yz125 is

    Call Yamaha. That is what I did. Some of those VIN sites are not accurate. I bought a 1999 YZ250-----I bought it as a 2002. Call Yamaha. Hope this helps! Zeb