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  1. DanAllen

    Exhaust Shields for an MRD?

    same here
  2. DanAllen

    Why Do Posters Blur License Numbers?

    I had my last drz stolen in the middle of the day a few mounths ago, I wont post my plate agian...
  3. DanAllen

    470 help needed.

    Im thinking u need to go up on the pilot jet. There is only the starter that can be blamed here, is it making noise only when starting or all the time?
  4. well, as I understand it you have s forks and 21"f and 18"r ? based on your name I'll suppose you ride dirt mostly and not sumo. you ride offroad... if so then dont bother with the sm inverted forks. If you want to dial in your suspension (really) then you need a true suspension tuner to adjust your spring rate and fluid viscosity based on your weight and intended use. I dont know anyone in CA that I can reccomend. However, in NV contact Pro Action Bob at 702-476-8721. Bobs speciality is suspension but does motor and other work as well. This dude will hook you up!!!! hope this helps
  5. DanAllen

    Athena 434 barrel fitting issues

    Athena has been know to make a quality product. I would not accept missalligned dowles. call athena and ask them how they plan on fixing the situation,
  6. DanAllen

    LTZ400 cylinder head on a DRZ 400 engine

    Plug the holes and it will work is what eddie is saying
  7. Honestly you need to have the suspension tuned for you weight and riding style. I see you live in NV, contact Pro Action Bob at 702-476-8721. Bobs speciality is suspension but does motor and other work as well. They will hook you up. I lived in NV for a few years, thats how I know of him
  8. DanAllen

    Cylinder head troubles

    Ok, the machinist that you took it to were right in saying that they cant, at least to a point. Its not hard to remove the broken bolt but the problem is that the cam caps are bolted onto the head and then machined in place for the cam bearings. This means that if the original threads are messed up then you might be in trouble. I think I would take it to the best machineist I know and have them drill out the shank of the broken bolt. There is a chance that you will not be able to use this head agian, there is an equally good chance that the repair will work though. The fact is that the bolt needs to come out and it should be done by a pro. Do not try to do it yourself with an extractor bit. If the threads are messesd up in the process then you may have bearing troubles. The caps are different sizes and need to match the head exactly. There are some ways around this but I wont get into that untill needed. Hopefully this makes sense. And for what its worth, I worked as a machineist for a few years. Good luck man, I hope it all works out well for you.
  9. DanAllen


    I agree that 14/44 is too much I highly sugest getting trying 15/44 first.
  10. DanAllen

    1st Commute on my DR-Z

    a 15/39 combo should be ok with the stock 110link chain, Its gonna be close though. I run a 15/38 gearing and a 108 link chain.
  11. DanAllen

    FCR 39 bowl drain plug?

    maybe im missing something here but that seemed rude... I know www.toykomods.com makes a plug for the fcr mx, not sure if its the same as the "e" fcr plug
  12. DanAllen

    Fast Idle slowly goes to normal

    Also check the top cap o-ring gasket on the carb, they do tend to flatten out over time (at least 1/3rd of the o-ring should be above groove) and can also cause a lean condition.
  13. DanAllen

    Fast Idle slowly goes to normal

    The hanging idle is usually a symptom of a lean condition on the pilot circut. Try adjusting your fuel screw out a little bit (about 1/8 of a turn at a time) after each adjustment, blip the throttle and see if the hang is still there. If you end up at more than 3 turns out then you should go a size larger on the pilot jet. A exteneded fuel screw helps alot with this. Motion pro makes a cool 90degree screwdriver thats handy for changing jets with the carb still on the bike.