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  1. sweet, looks good. i like those thru the frame tabs too. it looks too cold to ride where you are...
  2. redirt

    Not Running the Full 100%

    it doesn't feel fast? because mine is like a turbine, kind of electric feeling down low (no discernible "hit") then when it comes on-song it lights up & sprays gravel around.... and those damn near 10 year old TMX carbs suck! i have 2 and really they're going to become one working carb so I can put off the PWK purchase
  3. redirt

    Charge Coil? huh...

    Thanks for confirming that. now I can help my friend fix his bike!
  4. redirt

    Charge Coil? huh...

    Doh! I'm such a fool sometimes 2003 Xt225.. I think it's actually part of the stator assembly. I found this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=919222 that seems to be about the same thing?
  5. redirt

    Charge Coil? huh...

    So I've checked the values and the "charge coil" as described in the manual is not within the parameters. Solved! So where do I get a replacement and why can't I find it on the parts fiche? And if anyone has any other sage advice I'm all ears.. The bike was drowned, ignition coil replaced (so far), all connections have been cleaned. It was some time ago and so it sat... Thanks in advance for the help
  6. Here's someone who knows....http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=735091 This bike build thread is pretty cool too.... http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=720777 Same guy building a motoGP2 racer.
  7. Use the Ohlins, go for ride, set up accordingly... should be easier to tune? As for charging the shock nitrogen is preferred, a 4x4 shop or or a tire shop should be able to help. As long as the bladder is sealed it should be good, if it loses any pressure it will probably need to be replaced anyway. Revalving is probably best left to a pro, but they can also probably build it to your exact specs at that $point$. looking good!
  8. Was that me? I don't have an FCR to compare, i only wish i did! Been daydreaming about putting EFI on the DRZ and then this showed up, also been reading the article about one of the posters here on TT about engineering an EFI system for his DR350. I only wish i had more time & wasn't so far away from the wreckers yards (Maui no ka oi!). I dream of EFI because i can be riding from sea level to 6-7000 feet sometimes, and it seems like it could be cheaper than an FCR?
  9. so it'll work great on a lawnmower Thanks for the opinion. I agree...
  10. I've seen a fair bit of educated opinions on this board ; anybody with experience with these kits? http://ecotrons.com/2_Stroke_Small_Engine_EFI_kit.html ..... and there's more! http://ecotrons.com/show_Products.html I'm wondering; can it really be so simple? Simple meaning the ability to understand A/F ratios & such.
  11. redirt

    2003 XT 225 - Not starting

    Shoots Thanks for run through, we're just digging into our friend the carb today!
  12. Hello yamaha board:worthy:! usually on the Honda & DRZ forums but I'm helping a friend with his XT 225. It was drowned in a mud puddle, drained, run for a few minutes.... now refuses to start again (NB: he did let it sit for a few months ). The coil was somehow fried from its immersion & has been replaced (no spark then, now it has spark). I'm guessing it's the carb that has a blocked jet or passage , but i'd like to rule out any other electrical problems. Anybody have a link or list for the electrical values for testing the circuits? Thanks for the help. Edit: Found a PDF manual on xt225.com. Thanks for looking!
  13. Has this been posted up yet? http://www.twostrokeshop.com/ Holy carp! http://www.twostrokeshop.com/TSS1100GP.htm
  14. just an off chance, check the flange between the expansion chamber and the motor. mine was cracked when i bought it and made some strange noises until i got the new one..
  15. redirt

    BIG PROPS to Dave Harryman (MRD Racing)

    +1 Just ordered MRD/SSW, got an e-mail reminding me of the lead-in time. Excellent service ....... I can't wait to install it!