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  1. duskrider460

    2015 Husqvarna 701 Supermoto!

    Husqvarna just released a photo of the actual production 701 supermoto. I kinda like it!
  2. duskrider460

    Husqvarna TE511 (2011)


    Runs like a raped ape!
  3. duskrider460

    Husqvarna TE511 2011

    Runs like a raped ape!
  4. 2011 TE511. FMF pipe, JD Tuner, ENZO suspension, GPR Stabilizer, Pro Tapers, Superprox 44t rear sprocket, 15t front sprocket, DeCal Worx graphics, Cycra Handgaurds. Does 110mph wide open. Yeah. Scary shit. I love it.
  5. Now that we've seen the new Huskys, does anyone know if they plan to release a street legal enduro or sumo?
  6. duskrider460

    TE 511 - The chain stretcher!

    First off, I just have to say, the TE511 is a blast to ride. Anyone thinking of getting one should definitely give one its due thought. Find someone who has one and ride it! Here's a quick perspective - the suspension is a little soft for a 210lb rider, but it actually works OK for both street and dirt. The motor is unstoppable, the EFI is GREAT! The ergonomics are just about perfect for a rider 6ft tall, albeit a little tall for even me (I can only put one foot down flatfooted at a light - trying to put both down you'll be on the tips of your boots!). The brakes are a little mushy but you can still do "stoppies", it gets traction ANYWHERE due to the CTS, and once you uncork the exhaust, it doesn't sound too bad (it almost makes you look past the size of it!). One statement about the bike? The pluses FAR outweigh any minuses I've got with the bike. But, I've noticed something strange about the new style CTS swingarm. The chain, no matter how tight or loose I run it, gets this really weird vibration when I'm cruising on the street. It feels like it needs a chain tensioner. Does anyone else have this problem? And I've also noticed, after only 450 miles, the chain is already stretched out! I'm sure it has to due with the insane amount of power the bike has, but come on, after 450 miles!??!?!
  7. duskrider460

    When does a person give it up.

    Ride until you think you need to stop. When you spend more time worrying about what will happen, as opposed to enjoying the ride, then it's time to quit. Smaller and lighter would definitely help, but if you're thinking of hanging up your helmet for one reason or another, you may want to quit while you're ahead. Maybe become involved in motorcycles another way, to keep the passion alive...whatever you choose, I envy you for riding until your age.
  8. The bike stalls out (shuts off) when it's idling, upon deceleration as I'm coming to a berm, a stop sign or going downhill. Basically, any time I'm not on the gas, I've got to pull the clutch in and blip the throttle to keep the bike from stalling out / shutting off. And it doesn't bog, no burping, no tell-tell sign it's going to die, it just plain shuts off. (so quickly, as a matter of fact, it'll lock the back wheel up before I get a chance to quickly pull the clutch in! -dangerous!!!) I've got the jumper connected, it's in Race Map II, I've decatted the muffler, I'm running 91 octane, the air filter is clean - the bike runs great (it's an absolute BEAST, actually) it just won't stay running! I've even adjusted the little idle screw on the EFI (which didn't do anything but make it idle a little higher while it did decide to idle) and it would still die as explained above. ***?!
  9. duskrider460

    TE511 too lean / cutting out at stops.

    YUP!!! That tiny little plug made all the difference in the world! It went from zero to hero in one click! I noticed it was in race map II, it didn't stall out and it RIPS up AND down hills now (it used to cut out going down hill / off the gas). Man, am I relieved! Now...it's time for some modifications! I'm taking it to FMF on Friday and they're going to build a complete exhaust system for it (use mine as the test bike), then to RG3 for the suspension work, GPR already has a stabilizer and definitely need new sprockets (it maxes out around 70mph). Happy with my Husky!
  10. duskrider460

    TE511 too lean / cutting out at stops.

    Ya, those are the two I found. But I definitely didn't receive any additional parts with my bike. I'll call the dealer if need be. Thanks for all your help!
  11. duskrider460

    TE511 too lean / cutting out at stops.

    I can't find a plug that the power up resistor will fit into. I took out every plug I can find anywhere near the resistor and all of them are different from it / won't fit. Am I missing something??? And I didn't notice on my dash if it said race map or race map II. I did notice though, after cutting the cat out, it's definitely got more low end and seems to pull harder as I get up on top (mind you, I haven't had the bike over 60mph, as I'm just now getting into maybe the second hour of riding it).
  12. duskrider460

    TE511 too lean / cutting out at stops.

    I decatted my stock muffler last night, and it's still cutting out! Man, this problem is pissing me off! I called JD, Power Commander and iBeat and all of them are still in development for my bike. I can't believe this would happen. Damn California air nazis! I don't even want to ride to bike for fears I'll end up cutting out on some slippery trail somewhere and go sliding off the trial - or cutting out at a stop light and get rear ended! What a bummer! What else can I do!? What does a "race prep" consist of? Can I cap my O2 sensor?
  13. duskrider460

    TE511 too lean / cutting out at stops.

    I went home last night and pulled the seat. I found two plugs, both in the same spot (about 1/3 of the way back), one was a two wire plug, the other a larger four wire plug. I assume one of the two is the right one, but I couldn't find any other plug these would plug into. Are you saying power up is simply removing a plug and plugging the "power up" plug in, or is this where the dealer would plug their software in to re-map???
  14. duskrider460

    TE511 too lean / cutting out at stops.

    Thanks! I'm gonna try it when I get home!
  15. I have a 2011 TE511, which is a great bike so far, but every time I drop from cruising speed to stop for a stop sign or red light, the bike cuts out and dies. I can usually bump it back on, or sometimes I need to hit the starter to get her goin again - and it's a little hard to start at that point. The dealer says it's a common problem, the street legals are too lean, and they need to be remapped!? I can't imagine Husky would let a bike out the factory with a serious problem like this!?!? I'm afraid to ride the damn thing out of my neighborhood now! The bike is bone stock, with 25 miles on it. Will a "race prep" and a new pipe help this problem, as this bike is EFI....:thumbsup: