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  1. That looks so incredibility fun. I'd love to do that to my kx500.
  2. Being 6'3" I think some bike mods are required to help be able to accomplish this. I too was all arms for a while because of height and it would tire me way sooner then I should have been. I have added the RC hi bars with a the BRP rubber isolated bar submount, Seat Concepts tall seat, and just installed the Fastway EVO Air pegs that lower the pegs and allow you tapper them in towards the bike. These upgrades has made a world of deference for me.
  3. Dirtman13

    Tire selection

    Ever since I put my Pirelli MT43 on the rear I have not wanted another tire. Works fantastic. I haven't ridden SJ yet but we go there every 2 years for a week of Jeeping in and around Silverton, Oray, etc. IMO a knob isn't the right choice for that area. I'm taking the bike next year and have no doubt that tire will be the one I used. I currently have the Pirelli MT21 on the front but wasn't overly impressed. I have a new Goldentyre ready for install soon.
  4. Dirtman13

    Riding alone

    I won one of these at an event and installed it in my Wolfman tank bag. The connectors are the same as my Battery Tender so when I park the bike I unplug the bag and plug in my battery. Also makes for a nice quick tank bag removal. I have since modified it by removing the cigarette sockets and soldering on a dual USB port. http://www.powerlet.com/product/new-tankbag-or-saddlebag-kit-complete/700
  5. Dirtman13

    Riding alone

    I ride alone quite a bit. Haven't really found anyone that rides as much as I do plus I like to ride at my own pace. I'm pretty quick but I'm frequently stopping to take pictures. Since this is the case most of the time I make sure that I'm prepared as much as possible. One thing I think that is kept me going is that I try and stay away from very technical terrain when I'm alone. Save that for when riding with a group. Here are a few things I make sure of before going out alone. Keep bike in peak condition. Follow all maintenance schedules, keep the oil fresh, always checking for loose bolts. After each ride the bike is detailed and gone through for the next ride. Carry the proper tools and spare parts. Carry enough snacks for overnight Always have water Carry emergency blanket, first aid, tow rope, flint, and lighter I also carry SPOT and family is made aware of where I will be riding. I also set up a map that they can follow while I'm riding. Always have a GPS, compass, and map of area I'm riding. Phone which can be charged on the bike.
  6. Dirtman13

    500 EXC-F fender bag

    I'm not running a heat shield and have no issues at all. I also went with the Giant Loop bracket instead. Easy on and off with the bags. http://www.giantloopmoto.com/product/giant-loop-mounts/
  7. Dirtman13

    500 EXC-F fender bag

    I like it a lot. Carries just what I need. I hard wired 12 volt dual USB ports inside the bag for charging all my gadgets. Phone, camera's, helmet, flashlight and such. You can see the wire plugging into it by the tank cap vent tube. It uses the same connector as my battery tender. Just unplug tank bag and plug in the tender. I also took a piece of thin plastic and cut it to fit the walls inside. Without it the top does begin to sage after some time. Not a really big deal but it works nice for me.
  8. Dirtman13

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Nice looking bike but is it my eyes or is your right fork a tad higher in the triple clamp than the left?
  9. Dirtman13

    500 EXC-F fender bag

    Another vote for Wolfman. I really like their product. I have the front fender bag (among other bags) that carries; 1 tube, 2 tire irons, 1 tube 2 part puddy, and 4 CO2 canisters.
  10. My little CJ in Calico. And my dual sport last weekend in Kingston Range.
  11. Dirtman13

    Best Lo-profile mirrors.

    I ran the Powermad mirrors for about a year and just took them off and put on one Double take. The Powermad's just didn't get me the coverage behind me I needed. They're small which is what I wanted but unless the bike behind you had a headlight you couldn't really see them until they were on your rear tire. I mounted one Double Take and I can see much better even on both sides of bike and it folds out of place when not in use.
  12. Dirtman13

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    I have a 16' and it did not come with black triples.
  13. Dirtman13

    Radiator tab/ Horn exc 2015

    I relocated my horn behind the headlight plate. Squadron light makes it a bit easier.
  14. Dirtman13

    Anybody going to do LA Barstow to Vegas?

    This will be my first one in 12 years. Looking forward to it.
  15. Dirtman13

    Ride Yosemite!

    What if I already signed up?