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  1. Had a last minute change of plans (spent too much time at the bars after Kentucky’s embarrassment in Knoxville) and looking to swing into one of the trail systems close to Knoxville today. Do any of these place have singletrack that a feller can find or is it all out there for a local to show ya? Just looking for a last minute recommendation for today on where to ride. Thanks!
  2. ox715

    Best places to ride in Tennesee??

    Brimstone and Ride Royal Blue are huge OHV parks in that same general area as Windrock. Not sure which would have the most singletrack but at least one of them does. Northeast TN has Doe Mountain Recreation Area, again, not sure how much singletrack but they have some. Just a bit back up I-75 is the Red Bird Crest Trail in KY, really good singletrack. All of these have camping at the park or close by. Red Bird is a big loop but I think you need to have your bike plated to do the whole thing. I'm sure a search on TT will give you a better idea.
  3. ox715

    Kentucky Singletrack - Cave Run Lake

    Come on back anytime! I think Bolt has forgotten how to ride so it might take you coming back to get him back in the saddle (I need to figure out how to @ people on this app)
  4. ox715

    Kentucky Singletrack - Cave Run Lake

    2012 250F and yeah you probably did haha I was burning that place up in August
  5. ox715

    Spearhead trails GPX file needed

    Does anybody have any info on where they hide the singletrack here? I can't find much on their website but they've posted about it on Facebook, as well as motocross tracks. Planning on going this coming weekend, spur of the moment. Any feedback on which of the trailheads to concentrate on would be appreciated!
  6. ox715

    Kentucky Singletrack - Cave Run Lake

    Here is some raw GoPro of the 3/4 mile singletrack trail:
  7. ox715

    Red bird Crest

    Mine Made Adventure Park is about an hour and a half east of Red Bird Crest. They have a campground and plenty of other areas to set up at. It's mostly doubletrack but there is some singletrack as well. It's free to ride, pay to use the campground. Other than Red Bird, this is about the only place nearby that has a lot of mileage. S-Tree is a USFS maintained trail and about an hour and 45 from Red Bird but not a far detour if you're coming from/heading back on I-75 North. I haven't ridden here yet but I don't think there's much mileage at S-Tree, somebody else on here can give better info. Cave Run Lake has more USFS maintained trails, White Sulfur OHV Trail. Cave Run is about an hour detour east of I-75. White Sulfur's trail maps only advertise doubletrack but I recently found a short singletrack route (here's a GoPro of it) and hoping there's more. I actually just created a thread hoping other folks can chime in on more dirt bike trail out at White Sulfur, so far no response. You can do all of White Sulfur in an afternoon. Ride Royal Blue and Brimstone are a couple hours south in Tennessee. Windrock is a bit farther but I know has some advertised singletrack.
  8. Does anyone on here ride the White Sulfur OHV Trails by Cave Run Lake in Kentucky? The USFS maps don't show any singletrack on their maps but I think I found an actual motorcycle trail out there by accident a couple weeks ago. There weren't any signs and I haven't talked to any park rangers about it yet but you can tell there was a trail actually cut in at some point. The first day I found it there were some recent dirt bike tracks in the dirt (I've since worn it out...). Just wondering if there's any more out there?
  9. ox715

    Single track/good riding in KY or TN? Need help!

    Mine Made Adventure Park has some pretty decent trail but almost zero information in regards to their singletrack. It's there, you just have to keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, they have loads of doubletrack that is still fun on a 2-wheeler. As far as I know it's free to show up and pitch a tent anywhere you please. Knott County Mine Made Adventure Park on Facebook. They list KnottCountyTourism.com as their website but it's not worth even going to. Their Facebook has a half-assed map on it but some of these trails go on way into other counties. Appalachian Speedway & MX Park (look it up on Facebook, it looks like their website has been shut down) has held a couple XC races and a hillclimb. I rode the XC but haven't been there just on a random weekend. Probably not a lot of info out there as far as maps either. I think it's located in Tomahawk which I believe is Martin County. Wilderness Trail Offroad Park in Pineville is shutting down to become a wildlife sanctuary or something of that sort. However, I contacted someone there late last summer and riding was still technically allowed but that window has probably closed by now. Might still check with them as they have a lot of land down that way.This place was on Fisher's ATV World a few years ago. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area (Facebook, probably a website or two out there as well) in Harlan County is usually the default trail area for people coming from other states. I haven't made it down there yet but plan to eventually. Wildcat Offroad Park around London is right off of I-75. I've heard good things about this place but as with 99% of the riding areas here there are a lot of 4wheelers and SxS on the trail. Red Bird Crest Trail is one of the best spots in the state for singletrack. It's ran by the USFS so you might want to check to see if it closes for the winter or not. Russell Creek Offroad in Greensburg has some pretty decent singletrack. I've ridden an XC there but again I haven't been there on a random weekend. Good luck and be safe!
  10. It's time to rebuild my 2012 KX250F and I'm trying to figure out if I should go with a standard or high compression piston. This bike was rebuilt before I bought it, and although I'm not certain, I think it had some engine mapping work and probably a high compression piston installed. My question is, how do I know? If I bought a standard piston (because I'm already throwing a grand at a head - long story - and can get a standard piston for about $40 cheaper) should I be concerned about anything such as timing? If I go ahead with an HC piston and it just has a standard piston installed, is there anything I should account for? I'm not really worried about horsepower, I'm not a good enough rider to use all it already has. Just looking for reliability. Thanks
  11. ox715

    Head Options - 2012 KX250F

    I actually went to Fastheads and they said no-go on a used cap. I haven't directly asked if they could repair mine but that'll be my next email to them, hadn't even thought of it. Thanks!
  12. ox715

    Head Options - 2012 KX250F

    Long story short: cam cap busted during re-installation while replacing cam chain. Probably going to go with an assembled head from Fastheads but they do not come with the lifter buckets or cams. My question is: Is there any reason I shouldn't/can't reuse the old cam and lifter buckets? Stupid situation, nothing wrong with the ported/polished head that's on it... $1000 for a head just to get the cap. Fortunately I think it was getting close to time to replace the valves anyway. The bike has 125 hours on it but the motor was built at some point.
  13. ox715

    2012 kx250f low end bog

    It's a 2012 so it's the FI model. I actually think we've narrowed it down to the timing chain jumping a tooth. I installed a new chain... But I busted the camshaft cap torqueing the bolts down. So, I haven't been able to verify if this has me straightened out or not.
  14. ox715

    Camshaft cap/bridge needed for 2012 kx250f

    Wow... I signed on to create the exact same thread! Broke mine just a few minutes ago, with a torque wrench, set to spec'd 87 inch pounds. Unbelievable.
  15. ox715

    2012 kx250f low end bog

    Is it just on the low end or all the way through? I have a bog but it's almost always throughout the complete RPM range. Still haven't figured it out either.