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  1. I was hoping to find somebody that found a state side parts supplier. Maybe a site somebody has had dealings with. But thanks.
  2. I have a chance to pick up a 1997 Beta Techno trials bike. Cheap, $300. Runs! I need a few parts but cant find any sites that go back that far/old. Will parts for this be an issue? I know it was a popular bike in its day. I need a few simple things like an air filter but also a carb intake (cracked and weathered). Any ideas or opinions on the bike are very welcomed. Thanks!
  3. JMC

    Looking at a 2002 tm300- yes or no?

    well I decided to pass. I blew up all the pix that I was sent. saw too many little things "wrong" with it. missing bolts, mix matched bolts, bolts heads chewed up. thing that just send up red flags for me. too bad:(
  4. Looks clean in pix. Many extra parts, fresh top end (5hrs). $1500 Thoughts?
  5. JMC

    yz250f trade

    Kbb lists about a $400 difference in favor of the yz but in my area 250 four strokes are about the same as a newer 125's. That's where the extra $150 becomes into play.
  6. JMC

    yz250f trade

    I know this is the Yamaha forum so be nice lol (and I did post on Ktm forum too). Trade option for son. 08 yz250f for 08 ktm 144sx. Bikes are stock and in equal condition to the best of my knowledge. The ktm owner will throw in $150 on the deal. Just wanted opinions and comments Son wants to go back to 2 strokes.
  7. JMC

    opinions on 2008 144 sx trade?

    Thanks. That makes sense and similar to what I was thinking.
  8. Looking for opinions on a trade. I know this is a Ktm forum but I have heard a few things that concern me on the 144 so I thought I'd start here. Anyway the trade is a 08 144sx for a 08 yz250. Bikes are equal condition it seems and stock. Son wants to go back to a 2 stroke, Thoughts? Thanks
  9. Looks nice for a 93'. needs fork work and probably a top end just to be safe. Looking to get on the trail again and looking for "cheap' ride. Anyway, how are parts to find for such a old bike? Biggest concern is the forks. Advice or opinions? Seller is asking $700
  10. JMC

    2006 rm125 power vavle

    got it apart, son dropped it, now i need to know if there is a left and right side to the two little cylinders on each side and if so how to tell them apart. Yes a manual is on order:) Sending cylinder for a re-plate to US chrome in WI and want it to go back together with no issues. Thanks
  11. Anyone have a blown up view of the power valve in the 06 rm125?
  12. Need some advice TTer's. Top end removal shows a spot where the coating/plating is worn and actually a piece looks like it chipped off, about the size of half your pinky nail. Cylinder isnt all torn up but piston is not so good. Anyway i have a new stock size piston ready to go in but my question is should i go for, say the 144 kit or just replate? Can anyone give feedback on what they did/used and how they like it? I did some research on here, wondering what is the best for reliability? Sons does some racing but mostly trail field riding.
  13. JMC

    new to me 04 xr250

    I gave blue book-ish for it. I plan on getting a road title for it when I put it in my name, makes it worth more around here.
  14. JMC

    new to me 04 xr250

    Always wanted one of these, had many other bigger bikes (including the 600 and 400). Found this near mint and had to have it. I'm a little too big for it, 6'1" 230 lbs though.