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  1. xrcrf100

    XR200 connecting rod

    I bought the bike this way but it looks like someone hit something with the bottom of the case & punched a small hole in it. Oil leaked out, piston seized up & shattered & broke the cylinder & bent/cracked the rod.
  2. xrcrf100

    XR200 connecting rod

    Yeah, that's the rod kit I'm looking for (pro-x 03.1255) but no one has it. They just tell me it's out of stock.
  3. xrcrf100

    XR200 connecting rod

    Yeah I saw that commercial too. It was a testosterone booster, kind of like octane booster but for men.
  4. xrcrf100

    XR200 connecting rod

    I was being sarcastic, & I was actually using this press as a work bench while working on the motor. Here's what the rod looks like. There's no straightening this one.
  5. xrcrf100

    XR200 connecting rod

    Good idea. I'll put it in my 400 ton press & see if I can get it nice & straight.
  6. xrcrf100

    XR200 connecting rod

    I've got a 2002 XR200 with a bent connecting rod. I have someone that can rebuild the crankshaft if I supply a rod kit but I can't seem to find anything & none of his suppliers offered anything. Are OEM Honda parts my only choice?
  7. xrcrf100

    XR200R street legal modification

    I have a street legal 97 XR200. I didn't really plan on selling the frame but I do have another frame for it & I don't use it on the street at all. I currently have the bike tore apart so it wouldn't be hard to swap frames if you interested.
  8. xrcrf100

    1986 XR200R rear shock linkage rebuild parts/kit?

    I've got a complete linkage assembly off a 1987 XR200R that's still like new if your interested. I can get you some pictures tonight.
  9. The 1984 & 1985 XR250 rear suspension will fit.
  10. xrcrf100

    Progressive 11-1136 substitute for 90 XR200

    I was told they were the Progressive 11-1136 springs when I bought the forks but I never checked so I took a quick peek at them. Looks correct to me.
  11. xrcrf100

    Progressive 11-1136 substitute for 90 XR200

    Was my dream truck also. I saw an orange one in an Offroad magazine when I was a kid & wanted one ever since. I bought it about 18 years ago after looking for about 4 or 5 years for a nice clean rust free one. Luckily I bought it when they were affordable & before I was married & had kids & have been able to hold onto it all these years.
  12. xrcrf100

    Progressive 11-1136 substitute for 90 XR200

    1972 Blazer actually. These tires work really good in the sand dunes but yeah I had the same tires on my daily driver back in the day, they wear quick & they get really loud once they start to wear.
  13. xrcrf100

    Progressive 11-1136 substitute for 90 XR200

    They're a little dusty from sitting on the shelf for the last few years. I'll look through my paperwork but they may have had more work done to them than just the springs.