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  1. Yes the RD "Diesel" mentality is the more efficient path to championships, but we all watch for entertainment right? What's more entertaining than watching someone make a run from deep in the field and let it all hang out? Running smooth, fast consistent laps, hitting your marks every corner, accepting second or third when it's wise, are all valid ways to a championship season, but what do we the fans lose in entertainment value? I am glad we have a diverse group of riders who ride with personality and let their emotions show and yes, sometimes get the better of them. I hope the AMA is wise enough to let the competitors be individuals and God help us if a "spec" bike is ever considered. I was a big NASCAR fan in the '80s and '90s when there were big differences in body styles and engine characteristics that made for advantages/disadvantages on certain tracks. And the drivers were full of personality and you never knew what was going to be said in an interview. I understand the PR aspect from a business standpoint but it's a slippery slope to expect the riders to be be good company spokespersons. Let them be competitors, let them have emotion, let them be pissed off or overjoyed just like we are in our day to day lives. Seems to me there was an angry young/old man that also ran the "3" you either loved him or hated him but you always were entertained. "I didn't mean to wreck him, just meant to rattle his cage" haha. (God rest his soul). I hope the AMA has watched the decline of NASCAR as it tried to force parity and make everything PC, now nobody cares. Enjoy the modern day "Bad Brad Lackey" or Bob "Hurricane" Hannah. Ok I'm done if anybody is still reading.
  2. Have been watching some Graham Jarvis helmet cam videos - wow is that humbling! Noticed on some very steep downhills he hits the kill switch and rides down with engine off then restarts at bottom of hill - obviously intentional but what is the purpose or theory in play here? Using dead engine for rear wheel braking? I recently returned to my 2-stroke roots (Beta 300rr ) after 20 years on various 4-strokes mostly Honda (XR 400 then a series of Crfx 250 and 450 ) is this a known 2-stroke technique? Just trying to learn and improve - i’m only 57 haha
  3. I have been riding off-road for almost 50 years and I am still amazed at the spirit and character of the people you meet through motorcycles! I was at last nights St Louis round, the start of the 250 LCQ resulted in a violent pile up as the field funneled into the first turn. I have'nt watched the DVR telecast yet so I don't have any names, but one of the riders involved jumped off the ground and RAN to help another rider who was trapped under 2 bikes. You could he was fueled by adrenaline by the way he threw the still running bikes off of the trapped rider - seconds ago that rider was his rival and he would have done his best to pass him but in that moment he recognized someone in trouble and didnt hesitate or consider his own well being to help. He couldnt have known the race was red lighted and he could have picked up his own bike and tried to regain positions, but he unselfishly flew into action to help a fellow rider. This was an awesome display of character and sportsmanship that was not lost on a group of middle(late) aged men in the stands! Salute to you young man keep living your life that way and great things will come!
  4. Do it if you ride mostly tight technical trails - it does take away some top end speed but even on grasstrack sections of Hare Scrambles here in Mo. there is enough. You will find yourself working second and third instead of first and second in the tight stuff - no neutral in between gears and a reserve low gear thats keeps you from using the clutch as much! A 12 would be way too low the 13 is perfect and your stock chain works ok (2009 CRFX250 - air box mod,exhaust mod and JD jetting kit)
  5. 09 CRF250x - when riding technical sections I frequently need to shift down and can't always use the clutch - especially when standing - what are the long term effects/how much damage am I doing? I try to match revs and don't shift when under heavy load. Currently running Belray Gear Saver 80w changing every 8-10 hrs. Thanks
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