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  1. johnny_rmz

    Leftover 2016 OTD

    Got my 2016 for $6300 shipped to my door.
  2. johnny_rmz

    dungey mec spoiler possible!

    Landing from a jump could have caused that thing to upshift automatically. That would have sucked in those rhythm sections....
  3. johnny_rmz

    RM frame paint

    Anyone know where I can get oem color frame paint for my 07 250?
  4. johnny_rmz

    Oil Change question

    yes there is
  5. johnny_rmz

    new tire time....what to pick ?

    kenda millville
  6. johnny_rmz

    Oh my......

  7. I need to order one but I am at work and forgot... It's a DID of some sort.
  8. johnny_rmz

    Pc v

    Anyone looking for a PC V? I have one I bought from SSW and I sold my bike and it wasn't included. Also have Jardine RT94 full exhaust I had it on my 08 450 but i think the pc v works on 08-11 rmz450
  9. johnny_rmz

    Dungey to Leave Suzuki

    Dungey is going to maico to ride the 700cc 2 stroke. Havent yall heard that yet?
  10. johnny_rmz

    Shipping a bike from us to uk cost?

    i think he is a scammer too.
  11. Hey, I have my bike on ebay for sale and I have been asked if I would ship to the UK. Does anyone know what that costs and any web sites that do that and give me the cost?
  12. johnny_rmz

    What is the best improvement you made to your RMZ 450?

    2008 +40B rider. 1. Resprung/revalved suspension for my 215lb butt 2. PC V bought from Eddie at Sisneros speed works 3. Works connection hour/tach (keeps guess work out of maintenance) 4. Works connection radiator braces 5. Air filter cage out of a rm250 2 stroke
  13. johnny_rmz

    2003 Rm250 cracked cylinder

    I have to buy a new one where is the cheapest place to buy one? So mad at myself for overtightening it!!!!
  14. I put a topend in it today and overtightened the cylinder i guess..... took it out and broke it in and its leaking oil out of the seam in the casting.... anyone have a spare for an 03 rm250 the wanna get rid of?