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    working on and riding my drz! Also enjoy being a volunteer firefighter
  1. 151 drz

    looking at a 01 kx 125

    hey im going to look at getting an 01' kx 125 and was wondering if this would be a good bike ? obviously it depends on the condition but im wondering what the pros and cons of a 2001 are as by searching the fourms it seemed like 02 up was what is recomended? Any normal problems to look for in a 01'?
  2. 151 drz

    I love dirtbike

    I love .... Carpet... lol
  3. 151 drz

    Would it be poser-ish of me? SM decals on S

    the only people who would ever know the difference are on this website anyways!
  4. 151 drz

    drz snow tracks?

    man that kit is sweet but the price tag is a little steep! i dont think i need anything that big though i wont be riding anything close to mountains!
  5. 151 drz

    drz snow tracks?

    has anyone ever seen a drz with a snow track/ski setup? I think that would be a blast to just bang around some trails and ditches around my town! I havent contacted attrax yet but thats the kit i would like to try:ride: let me know your thoughts/ suggestions!
  6. 151 drz

    Rmz/drz front muduard

    i had a clearance issue with the rear fender and the plastic radiator guards but it was easily solved with a spacer between the rear bolts and the fender. not sure if u would have that problem though i run a yamaha fender on mine (just couldnt get over how sexy the yami fender looks) but id go for the swap!
  7. 151 drz

    new drz owner...x2

    welcome and nice bikes! Every guy would love to ride twins
  8. 151 drz

    How can I stop people from parking too close?

    if you work on campus exercise some of your connections and try to get more motorcycle parking with lines or something so campus security can ticket violators (probably lost cause... i know just an idea) I'd be nervous about the rebar scooter repellers because if their scooters get scratched they could claim you did it on purpose and police tend to side with the scooter riding law student over the dirtbiker...(unless your a dirbiking cop!)
  9. at least your taillights were protected by the bags, they're alot more expensive to fix than a clutch lever! im suprised with all that storage you didnt have something for that "just in case" bet you do from now on!
  10. 151 drz

    Sisneros Speed Works now in the graphics/decal business!

    I had a local shop modify my stock kit just a little bit turned out pretty nice sounds like some of u guys might like that look in diff. colors?
  11. 151 drz

    what comes around goes around my free drz

    awesome man i'm so glad your heading the right direction:thumbsup: ya know a post like this helps more people than even the master 3x3 post...(which you should check out soon:p) good luck hope to hear your riding soon!
  12. 151 drz

    [video] who needs distanzias...

    nice video i love watching the suspension! might just have to trade in the trailwings on some pilot powers to get some offroad performance:banghead:
  13. 151 drz

    Help me spend $200 from the following choices!

    i would go with the dot approved tires... and sell me your old ones:)
  14. 151 drz

    Fmf q4

    after a few months of checking this forum for exhaust ideas looks like the ssw/mrd blows everything out of the water in performance but the powerbomb setup will help while keeping it a little quieter/cheaper:thumbsup:
  15. 151 drz

    turkey baster?

    hey sounds like a pretty sweet mod could you put some pics up that dont require msn? the pic you posted on here doesn't seem to like my computer...