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  1. HanSoSlow

    Pro Action of WNY

    If you are having susp. work done go to MX-Tech in Chicago, they were awesome to work with and did an amazing job.
  2. HanSoSlow

    Supercross pit story's!!!Please share!!!

    I have a couple... our first race at Unidilla, my son was 4 or 5 at the time and we bumped into Grant Langston who was just walking around the pits as well. Really cool guy, took a photo with the kids and just chatted with us a bit. My daughter 7 at the time thought KW was awesome and she drew a picture of him winning on the way to the race -- she gave it to him and he just about melted, he talked to her signed a poster and turned around and gave the picture to his wife to keep. She walked away on cloud 9. Now, the negative was with JS7 - this was before tickets and we could just walk up. My son and I walked up and waited around for a while and JS was standing there joking and laughing with his brother and some dude. My son has a silver helmet with him for autographs (still in his room today) and he wanted James, so my son starts calling him asking for him to come over etc...he didn't even look up. Finally someone yelled Hey Bubba - he turned and my son asked him if he would sign his helmet for him. He replied and said Not know kid, maybe later! My son looked at me as we walked away and said he's not very nice and to this day my son thinks he's a jerk! We finally got RC's as well, we were the last in line during his final MX season when he was with IT9 and since we were last he signed the helmet, checked out all the other autographs and said he wait a minute, this guys not racing, either is this one - how long you been working on this??? Then he started talking to my son about what bike he rides, does he race or just ride etc... he was really cool about it and while it was only a minute or so you could tell he was really into it.
  3. HanSoSlow

    MA's Finest GOING HUGE!!!!!

    The dude in the video said it all 'are you kidding me' That takes a great big set of B@LLS to even think about hitting one of those jumps let alone doing it.
  4. HanSoSlow

    Back racing finally! (helmet cam)

    Nice job! What track is that?
  5. HanSoSlow

    Southwick Open Practice

    Nice job! I love SW!
  6. HanSoSlow

    Anyone looking for tires around Albany?

    I'm on an '03 YZ250F
  7. HanSoSlow

    Anyone looking for tires around Albany?

    I'll check the sizes that I need - I don't remember, but I've been thinking about spiking my tires for the winter since I live on a lake it could be fun!
  8. HanSoSlow

    Twister - Helmet Cam

    I can only imagine what the tracks look like right now - I couldn't imagine riding in scuba gear. Next time!!!!
  9. HanSoSlow

    New track in Cohocton, NY

    Nice track and nice riding!
  10. HanSoSlow

    Twister - Helmet Cam

    Who's that singing? I didn't see the ad, but I sure hope it doesn't say 'never crashed' Hey how much for a short term lease on the bike?
  11. HanSoSlow

    Twister - Helmet Cam

    Hey Mike. I have no problem with Walden other than the crowd of people that will be there and the limited riding time. Going there will depend on my son and if he is going or not, he's just not ready for Walden yet. I'll let you know later in the week.
  12. HanSoSlow

    Twister - Helmet Cam

    I'm so slow I could ride all day - kinda like being on a road bike Dave you should come out anyway, all of us could use someone to take our bikes on and off the stands and start them for us You could be our put crew!!!! Maybe even stand track side with a board telling us to go faster and keeping track of our lap times etc... Wish you were feeling better dude!
  13. HanSoSlow

    Twister - Helmet Cam

    Sounds good Mike and others, just promise not to lap me to many times.
  14. HanSoSlow

    Twister - Helmet Cam

    The rocks were not bad, but I'm used to Eagle Bridge so I don't really even notice these small things. Dave, I will not hit that jump, that thing just sucks. That is where the kid on the quad got all wadded up as well. Sept 10 I think is there next Saturday, I'm open to going. We should create our own riding class so that we can enjoy racing as well "can't get this thing outta 2nd gear" or Damn I'm slow! Sad thing is my son will be faster than me soon enough But he can't get there unless I drive, so I make up the rules. Who's in for the 10th?
  15. HanSoSlow

    NewYork Twister - Helmet Cam

    some helmet cam footage of a slow rider. If I had time to edit the video that is the song I would add The woops are my favorite part (you'll see that on the second lap, not the first). For some reason I still feel like the front end is going to wash out on me all the time. I don't feel like that when I'm riding in the sand, something about this place - its strange. Maybe its me. http://contour.com/stories/twistervalley-aug-27-2011 It didn't record me following my son for about 5 laps afterwards either PS. I know the thing on the right is the throttle and I should twist it more.