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  1. What he said. Fun to ride, but not as easy in comparison to a thumper.
  2. kawazuki250

    YZ125 or Rm125

    If you like the rm over the yz do it. I'm partial to the rm handling over the yamaha, just my preference though.
  3. kawazuki250

    Mechanic pay?

    Calc 1 through 4 for me on the quarter system then differential equations, but calc 1 through 3 at universities I believe if you're on semesters. Really however far it takes to hit multi variable calc. Linear algebra also a hit or miss requirement, definitely helps with FEA. Mechanical is a lot of fun.
  4. kawazuki250


    Just service the carb and go from there. Shimming valves is not a hard job at all and checking them is even easier, but again, NEW JETS. William knows his stuff. Do the carb, replace the pilot, tell us what happens. Don't rush into another problem that might not even be there. Problem solving means eliminating possibilities, one at a time. Your bike will run again as it should.
  5. kawazuki250

    Mechanic pay?

    I'm graduating this week with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Here's a little of what I learned. It took me just shy of 5 years and the math is absolutely the hardest part, there were days I would spend 48 hour grinds on homework just to stay ahead (I was NOT sleeping). I wasn't falling behind on the workload, sometimes it just stacks up. Math is what kills most engineer majors and causes them to switch majors. Only those determined will make it and I'm not saying you won't make it, but it is very tough. Internships pay $12-22 and hour or so, and starting salary is almost always above $50k a year, experience quickly raises pay, especially with a professional license. In regards to getting a job in any field using engineering as an example; a phenomenal engineer who cannot communicate or interview well will not get a call for an interview when someone less skilled who can present themselves better will get that call and offer. Again, not poking fun at your conditions, but this is reality and another hurdle for you. If you do it for the money, you will not make it, you have to enjoy it. I've seen far too many people drop out of school because it just overwhelmed them or they came in for the wrong reasons, and your conditions will not help matters, but it can be done still. Take an intro to engineering course and see if you like it and pick the discipline you like if it interests you, if it even interests you. Just because you aren't a mechanic or an engineer doesn't mean you can't love tinkering on a bike in your spare time. Everyone at my work from painters to welders to engineers to the business guys love bikes. Pick what you enjoy doing and you'll never work a day in your life. You'll always have bikes regardless of your career. You don't have to make your hobby your job.
  6. kawazuki250

    Stainless Re-Useable Oil Filters Advice

    I had a stainless filter in my thumper, I liked it. Past tense only because I have a two stroke now.
  7. kawazuki250

    125 or 250 2 stroke?

    A 250 smoker with a weighted flywheel might be a lot of fun. I have a 125 and it's a bit of a chore for trail riding in comparison. It'll make more power, but it only goes as fast as your wrist tells it to.
  8. kawazuki250

    Dumb mistakes.

    I didn't change my timing chain on a top end rebuild (chain tension seemed good on the bench and timing was fine, but the tensioner was all the way out), she let go when I tried to fire her up and bound up the engine mid kick. Took the engine back apart to check for any damage, didn't find any and though I got lucky. Bought a new timing chain and put everything back together. Fired up first kick, and oil started spewing from just behind the kick start lever as there was a crack in the inner case now. Parted it out and was able to get another bike. Should have just bought a new cam chain. Oh well, the 125 I ride now is just a ton of fun to ride.
  9. kawazuki250

    250 or 125?

    125 for practice and race the 250f.
  10. kawazuki250

    2004 Suzuki RMZ250 Oil Issues

    Take a look at your water pump seals and the o ring that seals up your pump. Look for scoring/grooves on the water pump shaft where the seal lips touch the shaft also. I've never used the boyseen pump, I swapped mine to a pump from an 09 kx250f to resolve the oil change issues. Clean off the sight glass to start at the least and check the pump's seals to start, run it again and see what happens. If you aren't getting a milky colored oil at the change, you should have good seals, but I had to change mine when first I got mine. Get a new pump o ring when you put the pump back on. Sounds to me like you had a bit of water on the sight glass and it mixed with some oil and just stuck to the glass, but if you take of the whole right side cover at one time, you can check everything in one shot.
  11. kawazuki250


    I heard that Australia has shops that can repair the cylinder. I never said that it should be sent to a US shop.
  12. kawazuki250


    Sending the cylinder out for a sleeve isn't an option because?
  13. kawazuki250

    Same premix for all 3 bikes?

    My 02 rm125 runs 32:1 and i wouldn't mix any leaner if you are constantly on the pipe, but just pick a ratio (32 or 40), jet, and run it for the 125's. The 65 might be able to be run at the same ratio but i'm not sure, we run 50:1 in a KTM 65sx and the manual calls for 60:1. Refer to the manual on all the bikes and go from there.
  14. kawazuki250

    Is armpumpunlocked.com legit?

    There was an article in Dirt Rider a while back that interviewed an off road rider about his cure for arm pump. Basically squeeze a hand exerciser until you get arm pump, wrap your arm tightly with an ACE wrap, hold your arm over your head, wait. The same process for the other arm. Do this about an hour before you ride and it should help.