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  1. Dirt-rich

    What exhaust to go with on 2014 kx450f

    I completely agree with the statements above and understand that they are logical however I'm a larger rider and I do need and use the power of a 450 to tote me around the track and sand. I'm looking to move the power around a little and quite the bike a tad with a pipe I will be getting the suspension done as well a long with plenty of other things.
  2. Dirt-rich

    What exhaust to go with on 2014 kx450f

    I was leaning towards pc as well due to the history between the two. I like the fmf 4.1 with mega bomb header and noticed some of the pro kx450's running that set up. I'm sure I would notice a difference with either of those and be happy but I'm holding out in hopes to find some feed back if there is a superior exhaust package that is rider preferred.
  3. Dirt-rich

    What exhaust to go with on 2014 kx450f

    So I bought a new 2014 kx450f and I'm looking to add a full exhaust system but wanted to get any advice or experiences with different set ups.Im interested in the usually suspects fmf, pro circuit and yoshimura titanium or ss also looked into rocket exhaust. I have searched hi and low for any reviews and shootouts but all I seam to find are sales pitches. I understand everyone has there own opinion amd that's what I'm after so any insight will be appreciated.
  4. Dirt-rich

    Rocket Exhaust

    I just bought a 2014 kx450f and was looking around for a good exhaust. I Came Across THE Rocket Set Up But I Cannot Find Any Info On It Other Than A Sales pitch.
  5. Dirt-rich

    A2 Benchracing

    I don't think Dungey is a punk but tonight he did ride like one. Either way it was exciting and fun to watch someone other than James go down
  6. Dirt-rich

    A2 Benchracing

    Dungey rode like punk with no class, rv2 was just on the line of getting dirty several times and is just as good in my book. Sorry to bust the rv2 band wagon I don't mean to offend anyone.
  7. Dirt-rich

    A2 Benchracing

    Dungey got what he deserved and rv2 did as well. I'm stoked for the vets and rook tonight.
  8. Dirt-rich

    Loos like Dungey is changing tactics

    He was rediculous tonight, but either way what main event it was
  9. Dirt-rich

    Good or Bad?

    I Really think it depends on the condition of the ktm and how much you like it, imo for that much money you could get a better bike.
  10. Dirt-rich

    Thanks for the Fantasy MX!!

    This is way better then fantasy football. It made the races even better to watch I'm looking forward to sx. Maybe another big Fat W on the way for me. But either way it was a lot of fun
  11. Dirt-rich

    James Stewart's new ride

    Aside from all the other b.s. 2t vs 4t and js7 drama that was a fun video Short but sweet
  12. Dirt-rich

    who,s running flex bars?

    I ran a set for a while didn't care much for them at first but when I got used to the feel I loved them. I prefer other bars still but Definatly liked the flex bars
  13. Dirt-rich

    Barcia to factory Honda at Unadilla?

    I think It would be cool but pretty stupid of him to ride the 450 class he can't even ride the 250 Without hitting the deck. No offense I like barcia but think it's a bit early for a 450 ride
  14. Dirt-rich

    YZ 125 vs Cr 125

    Both seam to be in good shape And good prices. Check them both out IMO the 2000 yamaha was a good bike. The cr looks really nice but that's a lot of polishing to maintain
  15. Dirt-rich


    Probably would be a good idea to get a 250f first to get used to a bigger bike weight and size, or at least try to find a way to actualy put a little time in on a 450 before buying one.