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  1. donutman126

    YZ250x Zook Needle help!

    get ur squish set before trying anyrhing... #8 slide works awesome as well.
  2. I have read they feel about the same because the weights on the gytr are further out making it feel heavier then it really is. I have the gytr and I love it. Reason I got gytr because the weight is more permanatly attached and I can switch back to my stock easy.
  3. donutman126

    All forked up

    I could be wrong but thr forks should bolt right up with your 05 axle and triples... If the forks lugs are different width then I would think u could buy 06+ clamps and use thr 06 front axle and spacers you already have. Might as well upgrade to the 22mm triple clamps off the four stroke while your at it. You cab also just buy a 1 new lower fork slider for your 05 forks to do it cheap. I also could be wrong but i think your front caliper should bolt up? Not positive.
  4. donutman126

    Yz295 build.. Millennium technologies recent change

    . Ok well maybe you know more then I do and im flat out wrong but I do know my hp bikes 265 cylinder blows the doors off the 3 different e.g. 295 kits I have ridin... Hp bikes owner (forget his name) is constantly on the dyno trying to improve his setups. I dont hear about eric gorr or tom morgan doing much testing or dyno runs, they just are about production and making as many as possible. My 265 I had on my old yz was the fastest most useable power I have ever ridin! I have tried out just about every yz engine package there is at sometime or another. I seem to remember hearing factory yamaha was closely looking at hp bikes work back in the day as he was making more power out of local riders yz then they were outa chad reeds bike! Could be mistaken on that last comment tho...
  5. donutman126

    '14 YZ250 Refresh Thread

    Good choice on hp bikes to do the engine work! You will not be disappointed! surprised you didnt put a single ring wiseco with coated ring?
  6. donutman126

    Yz295 build.. Millennium technologies recent change

    I wouldnt mess with etheir. Send your cylinder to hp bikes! Guy does more testing on yz's and in my opinion knows more then both tuners being talked about!
  7. You think your bike runs as crisp as it can get until you try a yz that has had the squish and jetting fixed! You will be amazed! and kicking yourself for not doing it sooner! I thought my bike was jetted as good as it could get until I had my squish done and carb slide cut to a #8 through Rb designs! Then I put a triple taper rm250 needle in my carb, readjusted my pilot and main accordingly and WOW!
  8. It shouldnt be that much different then the regular yz250... Just have rb designs set up your head for race gas with a tight squish. Set your timing, put an rm250 needle in the carb and possibly cut your slide to a #8. You will keep up with ktms then! After that put a gytr heavier flywheel in, wiseco racers choice single ring piston when its time for a top end and maybe a wr 5th gear for scrambles. Just some suggestions I have done to my harescrambles yz's.
  9. donutman126

    yz 250 with Athena Big Bore Kit

    The first 300 kit I owned was the Athena kit so chevy 97 your assumption is wrong. My roomates eric gorr 300 made better power everywere. I talked to hp bikes and he was gonna fix the porting and squish on my Athena kit but i decided instead to sell it and have him do a 265 with my stock cylinder. My hp bikes 265 was by far most rippin yz i have ridin yet!! I have riding 2 athena 300 kits one being mine. 3 different eric gorr 300 kits and I rode an esr 325. I disagree with not replacement for displacement for mx racing... Its all about bore to stroke ratio, my 265 revved out way further then any other big bore because the piston wasnt so big. My good friend Joey is actually the person on the video on the esr website test riding the 325. While the esr kit rips sleeves are not the way to go in my opinion... Top ends just dont last as long on high performance dirt bikes. With all that being said I wont do big bore kits anymore for motocross only on my trail yz. My motocross yz rod bearings start knocking at less then 40 hours on oem cranks... Not to mention grenading third gear all the time a notching out aftermarket clutch baskets left and right... If I leave my engine stock I can usually get 80 hours out of my rod bearings, my ttansmission and clutch last a lot longer! For trail riding the big bore yz is awesome! For motocross it just makes to much power for the yz weak rod bearing if you ride hard...
  10. donutman126

    My 2016 YZ250 for this season

    You race motocross? How come a shorty silencer over a full length? The shortys sound awesome but kill the top end power to much for me. Great looking bike by the way! How does the rg3 suspension feel compared to stock?
  11. donutman126

    yz 250 with Athena Big Bore Kit

    The Athena big bore is not ported good and makes the least power of all the big bores and the squish is way off. To get power out of them you have to send the cylinder and head out for porting and getting the squish corrected. In my opinion the best 300 setup is done by hp bikes, my roomate has the Eric Gorr 295 kit and he has around 150 hours on it changed the piston once at 80 hours with no problems so far. My hp bikes 265 kit made a lot more power then my roomates eric gorr 295 tho.
  12. donutman126

    yz 250 with Athena Big Bore Kit

    Athena sucks compared to other 300s..
  13. donutman126

    Boyesen Super Cooler

    Waste of money in my opinion... Yz doesnt have cooling issues. If the water flows to fast it doesnt have time to soak up the heat.
  14. I crashed my 2013 yz250, shattered my throttle tube and ripped the cable in half... im guessing it pulled my throttle wfo really hard. Now with the engine off I turn the throttle wfo, let it snap closed and seconds later you can hear the tps arm click closed... With the carb apart I pull the tps arm up and if hangs up in the upward position. How can I go about fixing it? Im thinking I might just have to buy a whole nother carb cus I dont know if i can buy that mechanism separate and I will have to set the tps position.. The bike seems to run fine but I want to make it right and not have that delayed closing or not at all of the tps.
  15. donutman126

    What do V-force 3 reeds do to a 2 stroke?

    What do v force do? Makes your wallet lighter, your bike harder to jet. Stick withstock reeds