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  1. bullet3z

    Indoor mini supermoto in Pa?

    Are there any indoor mini super moto tracks in the Pa, Maryland area? Since the snow is flying I would love to take the mini sm inside to try out. Links would be great.
  2. bullet3z

    klx110 hd shock spring install?

    You are very correct. I was able to figure out how to get it apart on my own. Getting it back together was a different story. $5 at the dealership was well worth it to get it back together. There is no way to do it without some way to compress the spring.
  3. bullet3z

    klx110 hd shock spring install?

    Ok, tons of people have the HD shock and fork springs on their bikes. How the heck do you get the factory spring off of the factory shock. I have the shock off the bike and can not figure out how to get the spring off. Someone has to know how to do this.
  4. Ok, can someone post what the difference is between the model years for the rear shock? Some websites list 2 different stiff shock springs between 2002 and 2007. Some websites do not show any difference at all. So can a spring for a 02/03 DRZ/KLX fit a 2004 DRZ? BBR shows it as, 660-DRZ-1205 Shock Spring DRZ/KLX125(03-05) Joker shows it as, Item #: 110-107 KAWASAKI / SUZUKI - KLX/DRZ-110 Heavy Duty Shock Spring or 2004 models or Item #: 110-105 KAWASAKI / SUZUKI - KLX/DRZ-110 Heavy Duty Shock Spring
  5. bullet3z

    I need a #40 pilot

    Why not post the part numbers for everyone and then they could go to their local dealers and order them. Who knows, they might even have them in stock.
  6. bullet3z

    Which stabilizer (Scotts or Precision)?

    Scotts does not keep the mounts in stock for the quads. Good luck trying to find one. I tried and tried last year and I called Scotts at least once a month. They told me that they only make the guad mounts when they shut the production line down. They only shut the line down 1 time per year. Needless to say they never made me a mount for my YFZ450. I went with the Precision and am very glad that I did. They were built for the guads. Plus they are very nice to talk to about their products.
  7. bullet3z

    Got me a 110

    So I have into it: Bike: 800 Hydro clutch: 225 Forks: 50 Clutch springs: 25 Foot Pegs/ mount: 100 Over the top lever: 60 So where are you getting a set of forks for $50.00? That sounds like a pretty good deal.
  8. bullet3z

    Husqvarna Skid Plate

    You should call FBF and see what they say. They used to be really good to talk too. Not sure what they are like now. Also what do you guys think about those Husqvarna 510's? I am really interested in picking up either the 450 or the 510 SM and wanted a little info on them.
  9. bullet3z

    Aftermarket parts ratings.

    After reading through a tons of threads I was wondering what the overall rating is for some of the aftermarket companys out there. I was wondering what people thought of the products available to us. Companys like Red Baron, 2 Brothers, Sano, Brand X minis, Pit Possi and so on. There is a ton of stuff out there and the price range goes from, makes you wonder, low price to WOW, that is a lot of money. Some things just seem way over priced to me. Others make you wonder if they will even make it through a single day of riding. It would be nice to have a sticky thread or something that rated some of the products out there on price and durabilty along with overall quality.
  10. bullet3z

    Where to get kx 60 forks?

    But then I would have to get a new front wheel, right? But either way if I wanted to run the disk brake I would need a new wheel. I can see that this is going to get expensive fast.
  11. bullet3z

    Where to get kx 60 forks?

    I just picked up a DRZ110 and would like to update to the KX60 forks. Where is everyone getting them from? Also what am I looking at to add the front disk brakes either with the KX60 forks or the factory 110 forks? I am new to the 110 scene and am just looking for some help to get this bike adult ride ready.
  12. bullet3z

    Race decal numbers?

    How much was the full set from Factory Backing?
  13. bullet3z

    repair manual???

    Trust me when I say, buy a hard copy when you get a chance. It is well worththe money.
  14. bullet3z

    safety wire pliers

    Thanks for the info.
  15. bullet3z

    Question about MOTOGP

    WOW, did you just show your age on that one. MotoGP is the largest form of roadracing out there and it always has been. It is not as big in America due to lack of TV coverage. They average 200,000 + fans per race. Since you think #69 and KR Jr. are the only GP riders ever to win, let me refresh your memmory a little. #34 Kevin Schwantz and Wayne Rainey. Those 2 took most of the world titles after the Kenny Roberts Sr era. The Schwantz Rainey battles were incredible to watch. #34's motto, Win or crash, there is nothing else.