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  1. BowHunter2400

    My Build log,short version:-) Pic heavy

    Very nice indeed!!! Great Job Sir!!!!!!
  2. BowHunter2400

    Helmets, what brands and why?

    Been riding with the TLD SE4 for a few months now.....highly recommend it if its within your budget. I shopped around for a few weeks and finally got it on sale through Ebay. Saved about $200. My son wears a Fox V4 and really likes it.
  3. BowHunter2400

    Shorter shifter wanted

    So is the spline the same on the TC125.
  4. BowHunter2400

    Questions on cleaner

    I like Simple Green for a degreaser in the hard to reach places. Its fairly mild but still works great.
  5. BowHunter2400

    Finding the right bike for hare scrambles

    What about meeting in the middle and finding a KTM 150??
  6. BowHunter2400

    WP 4CS Forks

    Corey Smith - Protune Suspension out of Ohio did an excellent tune on my 4CS forks
  7. BowHunter2400

    Shorter shifter wanted

    Hate to revive this thread but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a shorter shift lever for my 250XC?? I still feel like I'm pulling my foot of the peg more than I like especially when standing.
  8. BowHunter2400

    Stripped head on bolt

    Can you get a picture of it?? Maybe apply some heat and use an EZ-out bit??
  9. 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain. I pull a utility trailer when my two son's and there bikes are with me. I hope to have an enclosed trailer next year so we can do some camping and riding over a long weekend.
  10. BowHunter2400

    Which helmet is the best and why?

    I bought two brand new helmets this past year, see my post a few spots above yours. Both in a size Large and I can confirm for me at least that the FOX V4 is just a tad tighter on my dome than my TLD SE4. Not uncomfortably tight where I wouldn't wear if need be (its my sons anyways) but it is noticeable. I'm sure once its good and broken in it won't be as tight. Hope this helps
  11. BowHunter2400

    Is my cylinder plating toast?

    If I was broke id slap the new piston in, run a break in period and ride on. If I was racing this bike I would re-plate and start new. However I am no pro so take that for what its worth.
  12. BowHunter2400

    Which helmet is the best and why?

    I think finding a helmet that offers the MIPPS protection puts you 1 step above other helmets. I know its new technology and I'm sure its not the save all for every crash however I did do a lot of research on my own this past year when purchasing new helmets for me and my son and it does make a lot of since. Bell, Fox, TLD, FLY are just some of the top brands that offer this system. I would start there. TLD - SE4 for me FOX V4 for my son
  13. BowHunter2400

    Good hydration pack

    I picked up 2 Coleman Reveal packs from target for around $30 each. As long as you make sure the top is screwed on correctly and the bottom tube is secure they work great for our needs. Hold 2 liters of water with an opening big enough to add ice cubes of any normal size. Few small pockets for phone, small tools and rope. Probably could use a better mouth piece but that's about it.