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  1. Very nice indeed!!! Great Job Sir!!!!!!
  2. Been riding with the TLD SE4 for a few months now.....highly recommend it if its within your budget. I shopped around for a few weeks and finally got it on sale through Ebay. Saved about $200. My son wears a Fox V4 and really likes it.
  3. So is the spline the same on the TC125.
  4. I like Simple Green for a degreaser in the hard to reach places. Its fairly mild but still works great.
  5. What about meeting in the middle and finding a KTM 150??
  6. Corey Smith - Protune Suspension out of Ohio did an excellent tune on my 4CS forks
  7. Hate to revive this thread but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a shorter shift lever for my 250XC?? I still feel like I'm pulling my foot of the peg more than I like especially when standing.
  8. Can you get a picture of it?? Maybe apply some heat and use an EZ-out bit??
  9. 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain. I pull a utility trailer when my two son's and there bikes are with me. I hope to have an enclosed trailer next year so we can do some camping and riding over a long weekend.
  10. I bought two brand new helmets this past year, see my post a few spots above yours. Both in a size Large and I can confirm for me at least that the FOX V4 is just a tad tighter on my dome than my TLD SE4. Not uncomfortably tight where I wouldn't wear if need be (its my sons anyways) but it is noticeable. I'm sure once its good and broken in it won't be as tight. Hope this helps
  11. If I was broke id slap the new piston in, run a break in period and ride on. If I was racing this bike I would re-plate and start new. However I am no pro so take that for what its worth.
  12. I think finding a helmet that offers the MIPPS protection puts you 1 step above other helmets. I know its new technology and I'm sure its not the save all for every crash however I did do a lot of research on my own this past year when purchasing new helmets for me and my son and it does make a lot of since. Bell, Fox, TLD, FLY are just some of the top brands that offer this system. I would start there. TLD - SE4 for me FOX V4 for my son
  13. I picked up 2 Coleman Reveal packs from target for around $30 each. As long as you make sure the top is screwed on correctly and the bottom tube is secure they work great for our needs. Hold 2 liters of water with an opening big enough to add ice cubes of any normal size. Few small pockets for phone, small tools and rope. Probably could use a better mouth piece but that's about it.