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  1. tr6

    05 DR650 Problem

    Did you ever figure this out? I ran mine up to 90 in 4th gear after i read your post couple weeks ago by the way.
  2. tr6

    Overheating DR650SE's Rarely, or never?

    my 03 seemed fine last summer with the 170 jet and air temps 112 degrees.
  3. tr6

    DR 650 Jetting

    i do stupid things all the time, join the club. glad it's running better.
  4. tr6

    DR 650 Jetting

    is your airbox opened up? if not take that cover off right away with a bigger main jet. my snorkle is gone and the cover. will run fine with just the cover removed though with the 170 jet.
  5. tr6

    DR 650 Jetting

    first thing i thought about was that hole. my kit seems fool proof. must be or i'd foul it up.
  6. tr6

    DR 650 Jetting

    i think the 05 model is the same carb so same kit. i'm at 2500' and ran the 170 djet all last summer in the desert heat. changed to the 160 for the winter. also have the longer adj. fuel screw, supertrapp with all discs installed and a k&n. the only time my bike missed was when i used too much oil on the k&n one day. besides that always starts, idles and runs perfect. actually ran fairly cool last summer in the heat in vegas with the 170 jet.
  7. tr6

    05 DR650 Problem

    umm, i don't think the rev limiter would cut it out at 90, mine doesn't but you never know. i think i can go 90 in 4th gear with no cutout. i'll try it tomorrow morning.
  8. tr6

    05 DR650 Problem

    whats your altitude? i'm at 2500' and can run the 170 in summer and 160 in winter with good looking plugs. the rev limiter shouldn't kick in at 90. if there is one i've never hit it.
  9. tr6

    DR 650 Jetting

    should of bought the dyno jet kit. fool proof.
  10. tr6

    03 dr650 strangeness

    should of bought the dyno kit, fool proof.
  11. tr6

    How can I make my stock muffler louder

    How about riding around with your girlfriend naked on the back.
  12. tr6

    My 1st service is due '05 dr650

    suzuki wanted around 270 to do mine but also said any shop could do it so i got it done for 72? i think and kept the receipt. the manual doesn't say anything about having to have it done at a stealer.
  13. tr6

    98mph on my DRZ!!!

    I ride my bone stock drz on the highway quite a bit. Ran across a dodge viper on the highway entrance ramp the other day. I was wheeling behind him so he kicked it down. I was ready and smoked him up till 95 or so then he edged me. My rejetted KLR with airbox mod is a little quicker, lucky for him i wasn't on it!
  14. tr6

    2003 dr650 &%$#@ base gasket

    MY 2003 came with the improved gasket with the tabs luckily.
  15. tr6

    What Kind Of Oil Do You Use?

    I was using Mobil 1 redcap. they don't make it anymore. Not sure what to use now. Using regular castrol 20/50 for now.