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  1. Tiki

    Graphic Adhesion

    Clean. Remove as much dirt as possible. In fact if you can take some masking tape and turn it inside out like you were going to lint something. Just kiss it over the plastic to get any errant hairs and dust. Windex is a good substance to use for placing. Spray the back with Windex set on the plastic and position. Squeegee the Windex out, let it cure for a day or so. The adhesive is very strong.
  2. Tiki

    Only a Few EFI posts???

    That was funny. Good laughs.
  3. I thought this forum would have been a-buzz with the Transworld Report.
  4. Windham is a rather LARGE stockholder in Leatt?
  5. Tiki


    Do it! Bryan, the same could be said about ThumperTalk's store. A contact isnt very visable. Maybe add that to the top menu?
  6. Tighten your fork collar down and go take some laps. If you go faster, and it takes less work. The Steering Dampener is for you.
  7. Tiki

    Maxxis Tire Opinion on CRF450

    Third for the Dunlop. Super Bomber. Just take it to the shop to have mounted. Its a bear.
  8. Tiki

    Ktm 105ex Vs. Crf 150r Expert

    I have seen the SX85 give the 150 some fits. So I would suspect the 105 would be the better bike.
  9. While this thread exposes the weakness of the company, you folks do realize as popular ThumperTalk is, this will have NO impact on the product? Thumpertalk is one of the largest online communities and still not even a percent of those that are in the buying mainstream. What is thread going to accomplish outside TT? People that are going to purchase the product will, those that wont wont. At present I am not going to buy that brace, but my reasoning is far from the company's willingness to work with a vendor or not. Just some thoughts.
  10. Tiki


    Round ones? The Dunlop AT has some HIGH mileage to it. For one you give up the other. Hard tires give up traction, soft tires give up life. Life is funny like that.
  11. Tiki

    Anyone see Reid and Bubba at St. Louis>

    I Thought this post was about Tara Reid.
  12. Tiki

    Chain help PLEASE

    Thats a good funny. What are you doing with these things. My chains last around 50-60 hours. Maybe less. By then I want to toss them. A new drive line is as good as new engine work. Running a beat chain is robbing you of power. Trail, MX, play.
  13. Modifications are over rated. To let you know. A lot of the "factory" engines that you see are detuned to fit the track. The object it to be constantly feeding horsepower then ripping the arms out of the rider for mear seconds. That is one of the tricks to how Ricky and James stay on the gas so much. That and their skill level is out of this world
  14. Tiki

    Plastic Renew?

    I will add it works good. You have to sand the scratches down. Personally with plastic being as inexpensive as it is, I would just buy new.