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  1. Dr-Zoidberg

    Seat Concepts width?

    Right around 9" Master Jedi.
  2. Dr-Zoidberg

    Looking for a specific taillight...

    My guess is a Moto Guzzi
  3. Dr-Zoidberg

    When mounting new rubber for the first time..

    That Baja no pinch tool works on my 21" rim and my buddies.
  4. Dr-Zoidberg

    Flush Lighting

    My buddy got the smoked lens edge with the fancy integrated signal control board when he first upgraded the rear. Honestly I had no idea if he was braking or making a turn during the day when he was in front of me. After he looped it it required a new light so he got the red lens and now I'm not left constantly guessing.
  5. Dr-Zoidberg

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2011

    I love it
  6. Dr-Zoidberg

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2011)


    I love it
  7. Dr-Zoidberg

    How many times have you dropped your Drz?

    At least 50 times, 2 or possibly 3 times on road and probably 4 times during water crossings. My buddy hates during the water crossings because he has to tow me out of whatever lost in the woods location we are currently at.
  8. Dr-Zoidberg

    Air Boot Difference

    Thank you. I found the 29F00 listed on another site for the 2000 EY so I went with that. Hopefully it's the correct one. I want second time to be a charm not third.
  9. Dr-Zoidberg

    Air Boot Difference

    Is there any difference between airboot 13881-29FB0 and 13881-29F00 both off the 06 E fiche?
  10. Dr-Zoidberg

    At the checkout line

    I was approached by a seedy looking individual at the check out line in home depot today and upon telling him what I rode he informed me that they make 3 versions. The one with little wheels, the enduro and the one for racing. Apparently the one for racing is badass but my interest is peaked in the one with little wheels.
  11. Dr-Zoidberg

    Sealing bottom hole on E air boot

    What's the best way?
  12. Dr-Zoidberg

    FCR mx float bowl gasket

    Outstanding. You are a true American hero.
  13. Dr-Zoidberg

    FCR mx float bowl gasket

    Can anyone provide me with a link on where to buy just the gasket and not a whole rebuild kit? I'm having trouble finding it online. Thank you.
  14. I think what OP is getting at is after starting it and adjusting the bolt it ran out of fuel and just shut off thus inducing a fear of major catastrophe.
  15. Dr-Zoidberg

    Handguards with CR High bars?

    I'm running twin wall fat bars with the adapters on my S which gives it about an inch rise with triple mount pro bends and I'm 90% sure they are CR High bend.