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  1. Johns08KLX450R

    Fork Seals are NOT created equal

    Recently I replaced the fork seals in my KLX450R with brand new ones from Kawasaki. Little did I know, the KX450F and the KLX450R DO NOT USE THE SAME SEALS. The parts counter guy ordered the seals for an 08 KX, not KLX. They look identical and I was none the wiser until I got my forks put together and rode the bike. The stiction is terrible! I remember reading somewhere that one of the KLX features was "low friction seals" in the front forks. Sure enough, I look up the part numbers myself and the KLX uses different seals than the MX bike does! I hope this information saves other people the same headache. The stiction is so bad with these MX seals that I have to change them out for the correct ones. Sticking forks make tight woods work very tough! Disclaimer: I have rebuilt many many sets of forks for all makes and models over the years. I double and triple checked my assemblies and oil levels after first having the problem. Its the seals, they stick to these forks!
  2. Johns08KLX450R

    What exhaust?

    Ive got a yoshimura on mine. It sounds really good and it fit really good too. Any exhaust from 06-08 KX450F is a direct bolt-on to the KLX450R. You will also need to buy a jet kit, delete the air injection system, and remove the snorkel from the airbox. There are plenty of threads that explain more about all that in this forum. Do those mods and you will LOVE your bike even more.
  3. Johns08KLX450R

    Moose Racing Stainless steel Valves?

    Moose stuff is usually very good. They are like Sears, where they just put their name on other mfgs products, but they don't actually make anything. My guess is they are Vesrah valves or some other Jap supplier, but that is just a guess.
  4. Johns08KLX450R

    Lipo Battery

    I have a Shorai in mine. They are 10x better than stock. Drops several pounds and cranks the starter much faster. They also last a lot longer in storage. I will gradually switch all my bikes over to LiPo as the old lead batteries go bad.
  5. Johns08KLX450R

    Top end options?

    Take the valves out and replace them all. Make sure to lap the new valves to the seats. Replace the stem seals while you have it apart. New valve-cover gasket and head gasket, and possibly the O-rings for the water pipes. You can measure the springs and replace if necessary but they are probably fine. I strongly suggest you use OEM parts, including the valves.
  6. Johns08KLX450R

    Hotcam - stage 1

    I have stage 2 cams in mine and it really wakes the bike up. You need to do all the other mods first like airbox and exhaust and then jetting. The hotcams move the power a little higher and give a big kick in the ass. Makes the bike much more snappy and racy. If you like to ride slow trails and tight woods I would not recommend it unless you are an advanced rider. It will snap you right into a tree if you aren't careful! LOL My next mod Im going to try is to integrate a KX CDI unit for the ignition. The KLX CDI pulls the timing out of the top end so it doesn't slam into the rev limiter like the MX bikes. Basically I can feel the KLX sign off well before my KX does in RPMs, so Im going to try the KX CDI on the KLX and see what happens.
  7. Johns08KLX450R

    gasket set

    Yes the head gasket and base gasket are the same as a KX
  8. Johns08KLX450R

    Inlet valves klx 450r 08

    Why not just get two new OEM Ti valves and call it a day?
  9. Johns08KLX450R

    Bad voltage regulator?

    Unplug the stator leads and test the windings with an ohm meter. The service manual will tell you the expected values. If stator is bad you will usually have an infinite (open) reading, or sometimes a dead short (0.0 ohm) reading. You can do a few tests on the reg/rec as well. Most likely the reg/rec is bad, as that seems to be a common failure on lots of bikes. One other thing to consider is that the OEM headlight is wired directly to the stator A/C output, so if you buggered up that wiring you may be accidentally grounding the charging circuit. The service manual and stock wiring diagram are your friend!
  10. Johns08KLX450R

    Can I race a KLX450f? Or is it too porky...

    If you mean MX race, then hell no. The KLX suspension is not good for jumps and the motor isn't as strong as the MX bikes either. Its a great bike but I did not like it all the one time I tried to ride it at the MX track. You will miss your YZ dearly! Now in the woods its a different story. KLX has e-start, low first gear, coolant bottle, lower seat height, more fuel, plush suspension, etc
  11. Johns08KLX450R

    Heating problem.............

    Header pipe glowing on a four stroke is normal.
  12. Johns08KLX450R

    KLX450R battery issues

    I know the ATVs are different than the bikes, buy my Brute Force meter draws .02 amps continuous with the key off. Curious what your bikes are showing on the ammeter? Ive never tested my KLX to see how fast it drains.
  13. Johns08KLX450R

    KLX450R battery issues

    So did anyone else ever confirm if their stock meter has a constant draw? Im curious if others have noticed this.
  14. Johns08KLX450R

    Heating problem.............

    SUPER JEALOUS! Baja is a long damn ways from Nebraska!
  15. Johns08KLX450R

    Heating problem.............

    The KX bikes dont have an overflow bottle like the KLX. So when the rad boils over it would end up very low on coolant with no way to refill it until cooling down. I bought a pro-circuit race bike several years ago and one of the many mods to the bike was a 1.8 rad cap to keep the coolant in the bike. Seemed like a good idea so I did the same mod to my KLX. So far I've never noticed any leaks in the cooling system; all is well.