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  1. Brandon B

    Highest mileage drz (updates?)

    500 miles short of 30k and my crank bearings are making noise. Changed the oil every 1k miles, checked the valves every 5k, only adjusted once. Clean the air filter twice a year. Went through one stator and one starter.
  2. Brandon B

    Question about fork swap

    All SM's came with Fatbars.
  3. Brandon B

    Gearing for highway?

    I just put a 16T front sprocket on my bike, first gear is a little steeper. But highway riding is wonderful now, I can wind each gear out just a little further, and actually feel like I have a presence on the highway. I have to disagree on highway riding eating up chains and tires, if anything stop and go, constant acceleration and braking is where the majority of your wear comes from, not taking into account lack of maintenance. I've had the same D.I.D. X-ring chain for over 3 years and its taken an absolute beating, with 50+ mile trips at 70 MPH, heavy engine braking at The Gap and track days, to mud that acts like concrete. Never experienced any unusual wear after anyone of those situations. Now obviously a 50/50 dual sport tire will wear faster than a 100% street tire, and a cheap standard chain will wear out faster than a brand name X or O ring chain, but thats a different discussion.
  4. Brandon B

    Trip to CO, rejet FCR?

    From personal experience, I would. I'm jetted for sea level. When I went to deals gap last year and rode into the mountains after about 8k 5th gear became all but unusable. Granted I'm geared for highway cruising, but I would suggest to do it. I couldn't imagine what a sea level jetted bike would run like at the top of copper mountain or in Vale.
  5. Brandon B

    How many times have you dropped your Drz?

    Was fooling around in a parking lot, low sided. First time. Went down at deals gap last year, dropped it about 4 times trying to flat track the other day, in the dirt... too many times to count.
  6. Brandon B

    Suspension tips

    You need to balance the tire. It can be done on the bike with the caliper removed.
  7. Brandon B

    Tusk Crank Puller.......how?

    I used a series of spacers and a large washer to pull my crank, is there any benefit to using this?
  8. Brandon B

    Wheelie discussion

    I rode a completely stock DRZ and tried to wheelie it, I could clutch it in first but second it was gutless, I had to stand up, bounce the front end, lean back and hit the throttle hard to get it to come up.
  9. Brandon B

    My tubeless conversion experience..

    The last write up I read used aircraft silicone and they sealed the entire center of the rim, this seems a lot more efficient.
  10. Brandon B

    2007 DRZ400S Jetting Question

    Whereabouts in NC? I'm in Jacksonville.
  11. Brandon B

    I hope this is not normal

    Valve guides stuck to the valve isn't an indicator or starvation?
  12. Brandon B

    Moving on...

    I'm in the same boat myself, picked up an 05 SV650 to have something else with a little more get up and go to it
  13. Brandon B

    I hope this is not normal

    That engine was starved of oil, change your oil often, install the MCCT and read up on the FAQ's and you'll be fine. My engine is noisey as hell but it has 20k miles on it
  14. Brandon B

    Best press to fit tools for rivot type chain

    Pretty sure cycle gear carries them and they're pretty well spread out nationally