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  1. hitech

    what makes that humming bird sound?

  2. hitech

    Synthetic Oil

    This means that the media of the filter is synthetic or a synthetic blend. This means that it's not just a paper filter, but has a synthetic media to filter out particles. The term synthetic blend when used as an oil filter, has nothing to do with the oil, just the filter.
  3. hitech

    Oil question

    We run the AMSOIL 10W-40 MCF on both sides of the CRF250. The 20W-50 will work great on both sides also. Perhaps a bit heavy, but will not be a problem.
  4. hitech

    Anyone tried Amsoil 20w50 MCV Hi perf oil?

    "ASTM D-2678 test is used to determine oil viscosity shear stability. The oil's initial viscosity is measured. Then the oil is subjected to shearing forces at 30 cycle intervals. The viscosity is measured at the end of 30, 90 and 120 cycles and compared to the oil's initial viscosity. The oils that perform well, are those that show little or no viscosity change." AMSOIL White Paper, A Study of Motorcycle Oils also, ASTM D-5481 test determines the oil's viscosity high temp high shear stability. Measures the oil's viscosity at high temps under shearing forces. AMSOLIL Motorcycle oil performs well in both tests.
  5. hitech

    Realistic Oil change interval question

    To get a handle on oil change interval, do a used oil analysis at varying intervals. Every rider (and bike) will thrash out an oil at different intervals. If your a beginner rider your oil may stay in spec longer than an expert rider. Also what type of riding/racing you do will have an effect on the oils staying power. Also, some oils will outlast others. All this being said, pick the best oil for you and your bike, have a used oil analysis done periodically and find an oil change interval that works for you and your style of riding.
  6. hitech

    what oils do you run?

    We're running AMSOIL 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil on both sides of the 250f. Not only good for engine, but is GL1 rated for tranny side as well.
  7. hitech


    Amsoil 20W-50 good for clutch.
  8. hitech

    How to make the plastic shine again ?

    try silicone spray. Spray it on. Let soak in. Then buff off.
  9. hitech

    Running in Oil ?

    run the synthetic...it'll be fine.
  10. hitech

    suspension Oil weight

    5wt for forks
  11. hitech

    What make of Air Filter do you use?

    Uni is good....I use AMSOIL
  12. hitech

    crank case oil

    Well, yeah, but there are too many to list. Any 10W-40 that's JASO MA spec will work fine on both sides of the honda. However, some are better than others.
  13. hitech

    wat weight fork oil should i use

    ditto the 5wt.
  14. hitech

    Semi Synthetic Oil, Running Real Hot

    I'm not a Kaw. guy, but it probably has nothing to do with the oil itself. There was some issues with Kaw. overheating a year or so back...and I think the fix was a bigger (or otherwise heavier duty) radiator cap. I'd check the fluid level and water pump. I bet a search might pull up some of the other Kaw overheating probs.