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  1. Virginian

    xr650L frame swap, are all they the same?

    I think you can sell that frame for a lot more than $200 based on what I have seen. But, don't do it UNTIL you have title in hand. I have two really super nice super procrastinators who work for me.
  2. Virginian

    problem (probably ignition) with xr650l

    Take the battery to any auto parts store and they can load test it. Just make sure they change the settings from the last guy who came in with a diesel battery. Clicking is usually the solenoid/relay when the battery is bad.
  3. Virginian


    I guess I got lucky. I have used K&N foam replacement filters on my '66 GTO's three deuces for decades, so I just used the same procedure. Wash dirty filters in warm water and good old 409. I have used Dawn also with good results. Usually takes two washings. Rinse, dry, and re-oil. I've done the same thing two times with the UNI filters and re-oiled with UNI oil and no issues. The last mile of road to work is really dusty, so I wanted to go with oiled foam versus the K&N fiber, and so far it looks like they are working good. Inside the boot and carb is spotless. I learned a long time ago watching other drag racers running with no filters even on asphalt that a little bit of dirt and grit can cause big problems.
  4. Virginian

    Oil Prices

    Castrol is the best because it's made by BP, and I work for BP. Seriously I know what you mean, but they aren't the ones who changed the rules. It is very good oil, and I want to do everything that I can to keep BP healthy. I have had mine tested and it holds up quite well. As soon as they get Dexos certified I'll start using it in my truck, too. And yes I will admit there are other good oils too.
  5. Virginian

    Oil Prices

    I stopped in O'Reilly's this morning to pick up a couple of quarts, and the price of Castrol Full Synthetic 10W-40 has DROPPED $3 a quart. So I got some extra while I was there. The rest look like they have dipped too, but I don't know for sure. Just thought I would pass it on.
  6. Virginian

    Oil Prices

    I stopped in O'Reilly's this morning to pick up a couple of quarts, and the price of Castrol 10W-40 has DROPPED $3 a quart. So I picked up some extra. The rest look like they have dipped too but I don't know. Just thought I would pass it on.
  7. Virginian

    XR650L tire's

    I've got about 3000 miles on a Kenda 270 on the rear and I'm kinda disappointed because it is showing some pretty fair wear. Front one looks to be wearing at about 1/3 to 1/4 the rate the rear is. Sounds like maybe I better revise my thinking? I run 90 to 95% street, commuting to work mostly, and I don't do a lot of wheel spinning starts, but I do run from 65 to 75 a lot. I was thinking next time i would look for more of a street tire but maybe I'm doing good as I am.
  8. Virginian

    How much oil?

    I'm checking per the manual procedure, the same way folks on here say to, and the same way every time with it fully warmed up, and I also checked the bolt on the crankcase. After filling it with a measured correct amount, including for the filter change, it was only about 1/4 way up the hatch marking on the dipstick. It doesn't smoke, and I have reached the conclusion it isn't using much at all either. I think I must have a "custom" oversized frame tube. Anyway, I went ahead and filled it up to the top of the zone, took a little over half a quart to do that, and I am going to just keep it in the top half of the zone and quit worrying about it. Thanks for the input.
  9. Virginian

    How much oil?

    Okay, I got a 2007 XR650L some time back. First time I changed the oil, it looked like about 2-1/2 quarts. So this time I checked the oil right after riding every time, adding a little when it got somewhat low, AND I also pulled the bolt on the crankcase a couple of times as a double check, and it was right where it was supposed to be down there too, so I figure I'm doing good. So when I drained the nice hot oil this time - whoa. A measured 3-1/2 quarts plus, and it was about a third of the way down the dipstick mark when I checked it 26 miles ago. Where is my oil hiding? Why is it hiding?
  10. Virginian

    spark plug gap closing

    Don't rule anything out. Many years ago I had this problem and it turned out the spark plugs were marked/manufactured incorrectly. If I hadn't saved one old plug for "emergency" back up I don't know if I would ever have thought of that.
  11. Virginian

    Is a pig as reliable as a drz?

    .... in most states, (except maybe louisiana where you don't need a license on anything as long as your packing heat and have a Saints decal on your rig). Now that's funny, I don't care who you are ! True on the decal - and/or an LSU one.
  12. Virginian

    Feeler Gauge Conversion

    Yeah, well we got to the moon 42 years ago on our system. Still only one flag up there that I know of. Seriously, I don't see where it matters if you use horsepower or furlong grains per fortnight as long as you know what you're doing and can convert specs.
  13. You have good taste. I got a 2007 XRL with 3400 miles on the clock last year, and while I wouldn't call it grinding, it was a little bit rough going into first. Oil was pretty clean as the guy said he had just had it serviced, and it had conventional oil in it, and he had the receipt. I switched to Castrol Synthetic 10W40, and desmogged it, and went to a UNI filter and rejetted the carb as soon as I got all the stuff together, and I have noticed smoother shifting ever since, and the bike runs a little cooler. How much was from the oil and how much from the jetting I can't say. Still a bear to try to find neutral sitting still with the engine running, (and yes I have checked/adjusted the clutch). If it doesn't rain again today I plan to ride it to work after it warms up a little.
  14. Virginian

    XR650L starts and idles fine but then...

    I think it's the carb. Too rich. As soon as the engine starts getting some heat built up the mixture is too rich.
  15. Virginian

    Oil Leak

    There is a product called Marine-Tex that will stop it. This stuff will fix leaking gas tanks without draining them. Will fix a leaking aluminum boat, in the water, from the inside.