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  1. shaun589


    im just trying to get ideas of ways to improve my throttle response on my 09 yz250f i already have a fmf megabomb system but i want to make the response even better
  2. shaun589

    shock linkage

    i rode my mates 250f and it tracks a whole lot better in the corners compared to mine he he reckons i should change my linkage
  3. shaun589

    shock linkage

    hey guys i'm trying to work out how much of a difference a different shock pullrod will make on a 09 yz250f i only have a stock one in. and my suspension has been set up for me by my suspension company.
  4. shaun589


    hey guys i have a 09 yz250f and im about to start racing what are some good mods to put on it to give it an egde im already getting a fmf powercore and megabomb pipe what else should i get?
  5. shaun589


    hey im looking at getting a fmf powercore 4 exhaust for my 09 yz250f and a megabomb header and was just wondering if they fit together or not? thanks