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  1. In this, our first Extreme enduro episode, Darryl Curtis shows us how to use our feet to paddle up long relentless rocks...
  2. Next week on Offroad Fanatic we proudly bring you episode one in our Extreme Enduro Tips Series with champion rider Darryl Curtis. Watch and learn from the man who has notched two Roof of Africa titles, a podium finish at Romaniacs, 8 finishes at Erzberg Rodeo as well at finishes at Hell’s Gate, The Tough One and Dakar…
  3. Due to the nature of dual sport riding, the rider will be faced at some point or another with a situation that requires him/her to stop quickly and safely. This exercise requires the effective and correct utilization of the front and rear brake in combination with weight positioning, clutch control and looking ahead to pre-empt timely response to changing circumstances. This exercise is conducted with the ABS switched off.
  4. offroad fanatic

    Stepping it up

    Get creative in honing your bike skills! We catch up again with Brian Capper showing off on the steps of the mini coliseum...
  5. Effective throttle control enables you to put down the right amount of power to the rear wheel in relation to the type of terrain. Smooth throttle control is critical for slippery or loose terrain. Secondary to smooth power delivery is understanding the effect that throttle control has on weight distribution...
  6. offroad fanatic

    Enduro vertical lip scale

    When you get to a wall, obstacle or steep climb, always look for a lip to give you a lift...
  7. offroad fanatic

    Two stage climb with ledge

    An unexpected ledge at the end of a climb can be daunting. Watch as Brian Capper shows us the technique...
  8. offroad fanatic

    Honda CRF450X 2012 Teaser

    This week on Offroad Fanatic, we test ride the Honda CRF450X 2012...
  9. offroad fanatic

    Steep ledge kickback

    Steep ledges/walls can be intimidating for most of us riders. Watch as Wade talks us through the assault...
  10. offroad fanatic

    Technical tyre de-weight

    If you partake in Endurocross you will encounter large tyres. Watch as we take you through the technique of scaling over this obstacle...
  11. offroad fanatic

    Husaberg TE 300 2012 Review

    This week Mark Garland rides the new Husaberg TE 300 2012. Enjoy our review...
  12. offroad fanatic

    Two step ledge hop

    Jumping a ledge is a nightmare to many of us during our out rides. A double ledge is almost unthinkable. With the correct technique and practice this could become an obstacle you look forward to...
  13. offroad fanatic

    Husaberg TE 300 2012 Teaser

    Stay tuned for the long awaited review of the bike that carried Graham Jarvis to victory in the Roof of Africa 2011...
  14. offroad fanatic

    The Zig Zag Ascent

    With hard Enduro riding in South Africa, you are going to encounter hill climbs where a Zig Zag route is required. Once again, momentum is key…
  15. Tackling a two stage technical hill climb requires commitment and control from the start to the finish...