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  1. jodaddy23

    MCMP 6-mile GP Loop April 17th

    GREAT JOB MAN , good to see you out there .
  2. jodaddy23

    Getting more out of 2014 Crf450r

    how much do you want to spend ?
  3. jodaddy23

    011 450 R RUNNING problem

    we changed the filter , but other posted have mentioned the fuel pump being clogged i'm looking into that .
  4. jodaddy23

    011 450 R RUNNING problem

    seems to start ok but the engine will rev up and then its like you pushed the kill switch . it will run for a lap or to then just die . change the filter and thought it was good but started diein again . just like holding the kill switch . starts and idles fine .
  5. jodaddy23

    MCMP Race Nov 14th

    we will see you there , does a 500 count
  6. jodaddy23

    Public Motocross Tracks

    ACP is open on weekends too , several tracks to play on and a big desert with trails too . your friend should check it out
  7. jodaddy23

    need some help

    I guess alot of people don't think your serious . where should i send my check ?
  8. jodaddy23

    Monsoon Madness

    summers races never a great turnout . but the acp thing will probably take a few riders
  9. jodaddy23

    Monsoon Madness

    THINKING about it , but acp has a thing saturday night , and the weather looks bads for this weekend . (unless you're doing the mud bogs .)
  10. jodaddy23

    MCMP SPRING DESERT Racing series # 4

    well it was hot , but fun , ..heres a lap
  11. THIS WEEKEND , temps are dropping and chance of rain will sweeten the deal . no time to film new layout but will be close to this one , will snake through the lakes this time ..
  12. jodaddy23

    MOTOCROSS Racing in Tuscon

    great night of racing , winner took home $650.0 not to shabby ..
  13. jodaddy23

    Arizona MOTOCROSS Racing in Tuscon

    this weekend racing under the lights 100% propay back + $500 .00 purse (3 or more riders )
  14. jodaddy23

    MCMP SPRING DESERT Racing series #3

    if you have FB hes some vids https://www.facebook.com/joe.gpracer
  15. jodaddy23

    MCMP SPRING DESERT Racing series #3

    THANKS , see ya next time .