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  1. Thank you so much for the link! It looks soooo much better. Can't wait to install it!
  2. Does anyone know how the swap is for a 2007 and newer headlight is? Is it pretty much plug and play with the electrical and mounting? Lets be honest the 2006 headlight looks hideous compared to the 2007 and newer!
  3. WestVirginia

    Yeah..I spoke too soon I called and they were all booked up. Do you know anywhere else close by to rock house or bear wallow? Would rather not stay in a tent just incase it is raining. I would hate to ride in the rain all day and then be in the rain all night also. But I will if nothing else comes available.
  4. Ohio

    Sounds like a blast! Do you need to be a AMA member or have some sort of time thing on the bike? I wanted to go but wasn't prepared that week.
  5. WestVirginia

    Ill be there the same time. Plan on staying at twin hollow. Recommend any other places to stay around there?
  6. Ohio

    Is it good? They said its all private so i didn't know how good it was going to be.
  7. Ohio

    Thanks for the info I found them on Facebook and already have their schedule so I will be attending some!
  8. Ohio

    Thank you! I will check that out now!
  9. Hey everyone so I just got a WR450f and I would like to get into some trail racing. Any trail racing would work Im am still confused on the different types. Anyway i live in dayton ohio and don't necessarily want to enroll in a full series just do like 1 race a month or so and not have to go to every race in a series because my off weekends vary so much. I am just looking to do this for fun. I have never raced anything before but I feel i am a fast rider. I am willing to drive 2-3 Hrs from dayton. If you could give me some names of places and website links maybe that would be great!
  10. Thank you for the quick replies!!
  11. SO simple question will a 2006 kx450 Carb fit a 2004 WR450?? thanks!
  12. SO simple question wail a 2006 kx450 Carb fit a 2004 WR450?? thanks!
  13. OK so I pressurized the engine agin and listed/ sprayed soapy water and found nothing but one thing…. Air coming from one of the coolant hoses…so I opened the radiator and a big woosh of air came out. So It is getting into the radiator. Is that normal? Here is the pic of the hole the air is coming from on the head it is in the top post.
  14. Yeah you are correct. It is in the head but that is the only place air is coming from is the side of the head? Im confused now…
  15. Thanks for your time and input. I just did a leak down test (Put A hose into the spark plug hole with 10 PSi from my compressor) The only place it was leaking from was the breather hole in the side of the cylinder?? Does that mean anything??