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  1. Hey! Thanks again, I know that each break and each person is a little different but it is nice to know what I may be able to expect. Any other advice is ok with me, Thanks again!
  2. Hi thanks for the replies, I've got the picture that basically, I'm going to have some arthritis, being 32, I'm not sure besides aches what that means, I m wondering how bearable is it to walk run hike " push my bike"? Thanks everyoNe, as you may know I certainly have some down time which feels like up time to organize in peace, my life Thanks!!
  3. crabnebula

    Rain Gear Question

    Here some old but pertinent info on waterproof/breathable fabrics http://www.insideoutdoor.com/documents/W-BJune04feature.pdf
  4. crabnebula

    Rain Gear Question

    I have Kathmandu jacket and pants,,, They are pretty good but do realize short of rubber nothing waterproof as you sweat yourself wet with rubber or saturate ANY polyurethane coating like goretex event hypertex sympatex etc etc theY will all leak at a certain level of heat, humidity, as well as p.s.i., Good luck Crab
  5. Hi I don't have a husky, but this type of call and response is in everything everywhere, It simply shows mature and immature responses. I ride a ktm off road and a dr on/ off road as an adv bike dirt bike, There are good and bad about each, people seem to let me know that everyday.... Well here is where I leave my quote, " those who know don't talk, those who talk don't know." So sit still in your mind and ask good questions and get the help that you need from a great forum, Good tidings and be well!
  6. Hi hi any info about the surgery let me know !! I'm in the beg of the same boat! Crabmebula
  7. I meant x ray, not fraud!!!
  8. Hi I broke my left calcaneus Seems to have not been broken out of position or maybe a mm if any, I have a fracture that goes to the joint but not through, anyways without the cat scans or fraud anyone have experience with this injury? I'm looking at dartmouth hitchcock in nh near where I live to see about the need for surgery, Any advice is great, thanks as I m patiently waiting to rude someday in the future, Crabnebula
  9. Hi I like d606 rear d606 front but I'm running a Twinduro front d606 rear You know they are good but wear quick F&R Tires being conti twinduro's are a descent compromise for on/off road but a little pricy Have fin and maybe know they are just tires! Have fun
  10. Once again thanks for all the help, A local dealer (yamaha) was able to use his bearing press and for $35 pop out and in the bearings and replace them Then I was able to put the swing arm baCk together, so far so good Mind you this all started from a car side swiping me, anyways Thanks again! Crabnebula
  11. Hi So I have a new to me tank coming tomorrow fri 14 of juilliet, I'm very grateful fir this, and also for the duct tape idea over frame Turns out I found the best known reason for the hole is a zip tie had rotated and the connection point On the zip tie a "square" block like snap, blasted through the tank. Lesson learned when cleaning bike or repairing, zip ties should be checked as I knew very well that the ziP tie could so some damage to whatever is hit, in this case the tank. I'm going to duct tape over the ties to make it a little more reliable and then be glad that people out there are able to share and give back to others! Thanks very much jjm525 for the generous gesture/gift I'm glad to know people out there like those on this forum! Thanks again everyone! Crabnebula
  12. Anyone here every replace the bearings (needle) bushings and seals on the dr650 swing arm....I was trying to do it without a bearing press and well lets say that I didn't even try as I felt that even the greased up bearing were not going to go in very well if at all with out breaking them Any advice would be nice as it is either a weeks wait, or $130 to get it fixed! thanks in advanced crab
  13. jjm525 I would be very pleased to pay shipping for a tank! Im in NH! Maybe you can emailme at crabzebula at gmail dot com Either way I looked around for options welding and it is tough, the hole is about the size of a small flat head screw driver. on the tank where the tank itself rests on the frame near where the bolt locks the tank down to the frame. well. thanks very much guys! -crabnebla
  14. Anyone out there know how to fix a gas tank with a small hole in the upper part of the tank.... It is on a 1999 KTM exc (2 stroke) Please dont say get a new one.....and or dont fill it up all the way I m looking for a plastic weld solution (long term) that can withstand abuse from gas as well as normal riding.. Thanks in ADV! Crab
  15. how do you turn the needle on the jet? I have the Spooge"" but I call it the "drool"....out the exhaust....I would be happy to lessen the "drool", and increase the mileage I have a 1999 250 exc
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